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Hello, friends. Welcome to today’s class about enhancing your sex life. First thing to know: Lube is your vagina’s best friend. Second thing to know: Flavored lube is your mouth’s best friend. Why is flavored lubricant so great, you ask? For one, you may find that different tastes enhance your arousal, pleasure, and presence during oral sex and sex play. “Just as we can be turned on by the smell and taste of foods, we’re also affected by the scent and taste of our partner,” says Astroglide’s resident sexologist Jess O’Reilly, PhD.

And flavored lubricant—which is just plain old lube with added flavorings to enhance the oral experience—could help with that. “Unflavored lube is perfectly adequate—especially if someone is sensitive to flavors and prefers a more natural taste of their partner,” says certified sex therapist and sexologist Jenni Skyler, PhD. But for those who aren’t as eager to go au naturale, using flavored lube can make things a lil bit more enjoyable—especially if you go with one of our faves.

Our top picks for best flavored lubes for 2022:

And btw, you don’t just have to use it for oral sex. O’Reilly recommends using it by dripping it on your partner’s chest and licking it off, or putting a few drops on your lips before kissing your way all over their body. Yum. Ready to taste the rainbow during your next hookup? Try one of these flavored lube products for all the fun.

1. Astroglide Strawberry Personal Lube

Astroglide Strawberry Personal Lubricant

Astroglide’s Sensual Strawberry lube is water-based, which enhances the comfort and ease of intimate activity while also allowing for easy clean up. Plus, water-based lube = compatible with condoms, so it’s a win-win.

THE REVIEWS: “This lube from Astroglide has a great smell of strawberry,” says one tester. “It’s also very slippery and last a long time during sex. The wife likes it the best. Taste great for oral sex also.”

2. #LubeLife Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Lubricant

#LubeLife Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Lubricant

This water-based lube from #LubeLife is wildly popular for a reason: It’s 100 percent edible, safe to use with condoms and toys, free of parabens and glycerin, and legitimately tasty. And if mint chocolate chip isn’t for you, you can try #LubeLife’s other fun flavors, like strawberry, watermelon, birthday cake, or cotton candy.

THE REVIEWS: According to one review, “The flavor is nearly spot on and makes extended duration dives an often occurrence. It doesn’t stain, is easy to clean up, and comes in a big enough bottle to last a long time.”

3. Intimate Earth Salted Caramel Natural Flavors Glide

Intimate Earth Salted Caramel Natural Flavors Glide

This flavorful product is vegan-friendly and made up of certified organic ingredients, so you taste only the good stuff. And though it’s not vulva-friendly, it is great for use during oral sex. You can also try it in four other flavors: cheeky apples, wild cherries, naughty peaches, or fresh strawberries.

THE REVIEWS: I LOVE the flavor and so does my husband,” writes one reviewer. “I bought a different brand before and it was nasty [and] tasted like only chemicals. But this one no chemical taste whatsoever! I love it!”

4. Aloe Cadabra Piña Colada Flavored Personal Lube

Aloe Cadabra Piña Colada Flavored Personal Lube

This thicker gel formula from Aloe Cadabra is pH-balanced, so it’s safe for both penetrative and oral sex. Along with piña colada, it comes in peppermint and vanilla flavors, and you’ll never find any parabens, petroleum, silicone, glycerin, glucose, or any of that bad stuff in this formula.

THE REVIEWS: As one review reads,I decided to try this after hearing someone talk about how good it was. I am glad I did. The lube itself is great and the taste is definitely a bonus. I definitely would recommend this for anyone wanting to taste up their oral.”

5. Doc Johnson GoodHead French Vanilla Oral Delight Gel

Doc Johnson GoodHead French Vanilla Oral Delight Gel

Love temperature play? Then you’ll love this water-based oral sex formula from Doc Johnson, which comes in seven different flavors and provides a mild cooling sensation when used during oral sex. It’s also free of parabens and sugar, and will keep things lubricated without any stickiness.

THE REVIEWS: “Great flavor!” one tester writes. “I applied a small amount on my friend Vladimir’s ‘equipment’ and made my servicing of him that much more enjoyable! The experience using this product made me feel like I was licking a vanilla ice cream cone! Yummy!”

6. Sliquid Swirl Green Apple Natural Intimate Lubricant

Sliquid Swirl Green Apple Natural Intimate Lubricant

Sliquid’s flavored lube is water-based and glycerin-, paraben-, and gluten-free—only sweetened with aspartame. Not a fan of green apples? They also sell blue raspberry, tangerine peach, strawberry pomegranate, and a bunch of other delicious flavors.

THE REVIEWS: “I love everything Sliquid does and this flavored lube is no exception,” reads one review. “This green apple lube tastes just like a Jolly Rancher! It’s great for making oral sex a little more fun, and not only tastes great but helps everything stay nice and slippery. This is the only flavored lube that really tastes like the flavor they say it is!”

7. ID Frutopia Natural Mango Passion Flavored Lube

ID Frutopia Natural Mango Passion Flavored Lube

If you like mangos, or just want to feel like you’re drinking a tropical drink on a beach, this is the perfect flavored lubricant for you. It’s water-based and tastes just like mango with the help of natural flavoring—plus, it’s not too sticky or too sweet.

THE REVIEWS: According to one tester, “This is fabulous. It makes going down on my partner a lot more enjoyable for both of us. It definitely tastes like mango and passion fruit and it isn’t that sweet. 10/10, we are both big fans.”

8. Adam & Eve Cotton Candy Water-Based Lube

Adam & Eve Cotton Candy Water-Based Lube

Adam & Eve’s cotton candy flavored lube is sugar-free, so you don’t have to worry about that sweetness aggravating your most sensitive parts. It also comes in cherry and strawberry, so you can pick your fave or try ‘em all.

THE REVIEWS: “My husband and exclusively use this cotton candy flavor lube,” says one reviewer. “It works well and actually tastes good with no unpleasant after taste.”

9. Wicked Aqua Cinnamon Bun Intimate Lubricant

Wicked Aqua Cinnamon Bun Intimate Lubricant

Wicked won the 2018 AVN award for best lube manufacturer, so clearly, these lubes have gotta be good. In addition to cinnamon bun, these water-based flavored lubes come in apple, caramel, mocha, and tons of others, all of which you can use with toys and condoms.

THE REVIEWS: “This thing is amazing!” one tester writes. “Not only does it do it’s job as a lube—the taste is exactly like cinnamon buns. It smells great and it’s a big bottle. I just hope me and my boyfriend don’t run out too soon lol!”

10. System Jo H2O Peachy Lips Flavored Lube

System Jo H2O Peachy Lips Flavored Lube

Popular lubricant brand System JO has legit dozens of flavored lube options, but one of their best has to be this peach-flavored option, which is water-based, made with plant-based glycerin, and free from added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

THE REVIEWS: One reviewer writes, “This stuff tastes like peaches and cream. It’s so delicious. Both my guy and I enjoy it a lot. I wish it came in a bigger bottle!! It lasts a decent amount of time but you can always add more if you so choose. A good lube and a great taste. Makes oral that much more fun!!”

11. Turn On Cupcake Flavored Lube

Turn On Cupcake Flavored Lube

Hypoallergenic and free from parabens and fragrances, this sweet lube is a great choice if you have sensitive skin. You’ll love that it’s water-based, which means it’s toy- and condom-friendly, and that it won’t stick to skin—plus, it really does taste like a yummy cupcake.

THE REVIEWS: According to one tester, “The flavor is legit. It taste just like cupcakes, and it makes oral so much more fun, and it doesn’t get sticky, or have a bad after taste. It’s super slick, to the point the bottle gets hard to hold on to in the few instances we had to reapply, but it’s a minor inconvenience.”

12. Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

Want something subtle and not *too* sweet? Go with this organic formula from Good Clean Love, which is 100 percent edible with only a VERY slight taste of lemon and vanilla. It has a base of aloe vera, which is soothing on skin, and it’s also free from chemicals, parabens, and glycerin.

THE REVIEWS: “This is the best lube I have used!” reads one review. “No bad taste, no stickiness, and works really well. This will be the only lube I use from now on!”

13. Coconu Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Coconu Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Another v subtle edible option: this long-lasting lube from Coconu. Made with coconut water, this option is free of artificial dyes, fragrances, and any vulvar allergens, so it’s totally safe to use for both vaginal sex. It’s also 100 percent edible with an oh-so-subtle coconut taste.

THE REVIEWS: “This is a very natural feeling personal lube,” one tester writes. “Long lasting and not sticky and has no smell and has a good taste. My absolute favorite lube I’ve ever used and I have tried lots.”

Is flavored lube safe?

Keep in mind there are potential risks involved when you use flavored lube. For instance, sugary ingredients can upset your vulva or anus, so you’ll wanna be careful about using it during penetrative sex or cunnilingus. “Putting sugar and other chemicals in the genitals, especially inside a vagina, can compromise the pH balance and cause issues like yeast infections,” warns Skyler. Stick with lubes made for anal play or vagina-friendly lubes if you’re using ’em for anything other than fellatio (unless a flavored lube *specifically* says it’s safe for vaginal or anal use).

The ingredients used in flavored lubricant may irritate your skin as well. “Some people experience sensitivity to certain ingredients, but this applies regardless of whether or not a lube is flavored,” O’Reilly adds. Do a skin test before using any sexual product, but especially flavored lube. Place some on your wrist or forearm, wait 10 minutes, and see if you have any sort of reaction. If you don’t, then chances are you’re good to use.

Another risk? As with all lubes, you’ll wanna be mindful about which type of lube you’re using and whether or not it’s compatible with condoms and sex toys. The best all-purpose lubricant is water-based lube, which is the only one that’s safe to use with both condoms and sex toys, as well as the easiest to clean up. Silicone-based formulas last longer than water-based lube, but you can’t use them with silicone toys or most condoms, while oil-based lubes—though very long lasting—definitely CAN’T be used with latex condoms.

How to choose the best flavored lube

Now that we’ve established that you should keep flavored sex stuff FAR AWAY from your vulva and anus unless otherwise specified, here’s what you should look for in a flavored lubricant:

Stick with well-known brands

Novelty products may seem fun, but your mouth deserves only the best, so make sure you buy lubricant from reputable sexual health brands that you know and trust (and that have lots of positive reviews).

Check out the ingredients

Again, flavored lubes often contain artificial flavoring, but you can opt for all-natural or organic ingredients if you’re hoping to get the safest (and most sustainable) option. Look for natural lubes if you’d like to limit your exposure to chemicals, and if possible, avoid any formula that contains glycerin and parabens.

Find the best flavor for you

Sorry to tell ya this, but a chocolate-flavored lubricant probs isn’t going to make your partner’s penis taste like a straight-up Hershey bar. However! You can decide whether you’re more into savory or sweet tastes and whether a lightly flavored or flavor-packed option is more to your liking.

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