13 Vampy Nail Ideas Perfect For A Moody Manicure


When the skies turn gray and temperatures drop, it can only mean one thing: it’s time to highlight your fall patterns. The fall season brings a lot of change when it comes to what to wear, but Your beauty routine changes, very. Think more Moisturizing skin careAnd the mood makeupAnd – my personal favorite – darker nails.

If you are ready to put down a file neon And the pastel nail polishesNow’s the time to rock—the ultimate style for the cold-weather months (and Halloween season, obviously). And thin nails can mean a whole host of different manicure styles, so you have options. “Vampires have gone from frightening kryptides to hot neighbors – thank you twilight And the real blood! So any nail design that evokes some attractive dark and attractive looks can be classified as a vampire.” Sonia Belkhalaf Celebrity nail artist. That means deep purple, glossy black, rich maroon, and wine-colored hues are all fair game — basically, anything that makes you feel like a character from craft. From there, you can also have a lot of fun with nail shapeArtistic designs, different materials and finishes.

manicure at home Be warned, lovers: Belkhalaf says deeper nail polish colors can be unforgiving. “Make sure you have a cleansing brush in case your skin gets flooded,” they tell Bustle. “Sally Hansen He has a great one available at most drugstores, or if you need a brush with a longer handle, Orly Great options, too.”

If you are looking for the excitement of your manicure game, keep scrolling for super stylish nail designs for inspiration.


red jelly

This is a deep red gel manicure – Complete with tortoiseshell print accents – Perfect fit for a vampire.


classic burgundy

If you prefer simplicity, you can never go wrong with a classic wine glaze.


Tips about Chrome

chrome screws They’re everywhere now, and the eye-catching finish looks great on dark French fringes.


matte maroon

Matte maroon nails scream fluffy—and they’re super easy to make yourself. simply paint a Matte top coat Top your nail polish for the ultimate fall look.


tiger eye accents

Switch up a traditional burgundy manicure by adding a pair of tiger’s eye-inspired nails. Because tiger eyes are the most vampire gem, obviously.


ombré deep

Ombre nails are always great. Behind that long notice dagger or coffin screws With deep red ombre are particularly patchy.


optical illusion

If you want to add some extra glow, try this illusion red and chestnut optical art.


glossy purple

Belkhalaf says dark purple is another great choice for a manicure. This glitter set serves up a gothic princess.


French Vampy Tips

Pair two dark nail polish colors for an intense subtlety French manicure This is perfect for the fall season.


Half Moon

“The square purple half-moon black nails are very wet,” says Belkhaf. Vampires thrive in the moonlight, after all.


swirling shadows

These black dagger shaped nails with a shady and smoky effect scream The Vampire Diaries.


triangle tips

Consider odd-colored nails in different finishes in one set, like these shiny triangular tips over a matte base.

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