25 greatest World Cup players for the Albiceleste


Argentina Rich country when it comes to footballers, from Diego MaradonaAnd the Lionel MessiTo Juan Roman Riquelme, Skill, talent and sometimes a little viveza is the mark of Argentine footballers.

This list unfortunately deletes great players like Alfredo Di Stefano, who hasn’t played world Cup For Argentina, and Juan Roman Riquelme, who despite his participation in the first World Cup had problems with almost every coach.

Those who made this list left a real imprint on the Argentine national team in world Cup level, Here are 25 great players in the Argentina World Cup.

25. Sergio Goiococchia

El Vasco Sergio Goycochea became Argentina’s national hero after saving a crucial penalty in matches against Yugoslavia and Italy in the 1990 World Cup. Not having a great career with the club, Goycochea had an incredible career with the national team which saw him win three titles with Argentina.

24. Jorge Valdano

Jorge Valdano was the perfect partner for Diego Maradona in the 1986 World Cup. Only 7 goals in 23 matches but the best was saved in the end as Valdano scored 4 goals in the 86 tournament. Valdano did not deal with coach Carlos Bilardo after the 86 championship and was left out of the squad while playing in Real Madrid.

23. Fernando Redondo

Fernando Redondo was one of Argentina’s most talented players ever, and despite having only played in the 1994 World Cup, the former Real Madrid defensive midfielder made a huge mark on the national team. Redondo won two championships with Argentina and was seen as one of the most professional players to ever wear Argentina’s kits. Injuries and an inexplicable fight with coach Daniel Passarella over his haircut have left Argentina without one of their best players of the 1990s.

22. Leopoldo Locke

Skilled striker Leopoldo Luque scored 22 goals in 44 games for Argentina, no bigger than his four in the 1978 World Cup. Luque has only played the World Cup once but is highly respected and remembered by everyone.

21. Oscar Ruggeri

Leader in defense and strong defender Oscar Ruggeri wasn’t the most skilled or athletic defender, but he certainly was a talker and could outsmart his opponents. Despite the checkered history, Alcabezon has won the America’s Cup twice, the Confederations Cup once and the 1986 World Cup. Ruggeri has played three World Cup finals with 7 goals in 97 matches for the national team.

20. Hernan Crespo

He was an outstanding goalscorer for the national team, cursed by Hernan Crespo that he was behind Gabriel Batistuta in the standings. However, Crespo has 35 goals in 65 games for Argentina. Crespo managed to play in three World Cup finals and in 2006 he was the only one to start scoring 3 goals in that tournament.

19. Alberto Tarantini

One of the greatest left-backs in the country’s history, Alberto Tarantini played 61 games for Argentina, won 78 World Cups and played in two tournaments. Alberto Tarantini played all the way up to 1988 enjoying success at River Plate, Boca Juniors and Toulouse in France.

18. Claudio Caniggia

With a rocker look, Claudio Canigia was a huge force for Argentina with his debut in 1987. The forward was pure speed and skillful in finishing 50 games and scoring 16 goals. Caniggia won four titles with Argentina and played in the 1990, 1994, and at the age of 35, the 2002 World Cup where Marcelo Bielsa wanted to give the blond striker another chance in the national team. Caniggia scored four goals in 8 World Cup matches.

17. Guillermo Stapel

No Argentine striker has done more in the World Cup than Guillermo Stábile in 1930, who scored 8 goals in just 4 matches. Guillermo Stábile was the tournament’s first golden boot and his contribution shouldn’t go without mention. Guillermo Stábile also had the honor of scoring in every game he played for Argentina, averaging two goals per game.

16. Daniel Bertone

The skilled right winger Daniel Bertone scored 12 goals in just 31 games for Argentina and won the 1978 World Cup. Bertone returned in 1982 but then was gradually excluded from the national team, but not without showing his skills for 7 years.

15. Americo Gallego

Often overlooked as he was just a hardworking worker on star-studded teams, but Américo Gallego was the glue that kept defense and attack together. El Tolo was a midfielder with great ball stealing skills and played 73 matches for the national team. Gallego won the 78 World Cup and played in the 1982 Championship. Gallego went on to become a successful coach as he won titles with River Plate, Independiente, Newell’s Old Boys, and Toluca in Liga MX.

14. Jorge Burruchaga

Diego Maradona’s teammate at the 1986 and 1990 World Cups, Jorge Burruchaga was a skilled winger with great skill in finishing the match. It was El Burru’s career that won the 1986 World Cup for Argentina, 3-2 over West Germany. Jorge Burruchaga has played in two World Cups and reached the final in both.

13. Renee Houseman

The world was fascinated by the dribbling techniques used by Renee Hausmann in 1974 and 1978. Incredible talent, few of them possessed the dribbling skills that Renee Hausmann possesses, and unfortunately all that talent was lost due to his alcoholism, even though he scored 13 goals in 55 matches for the Albiceleste He won the World Cup 78. “Houseman is a mixture of Maradona and Garrincha,” said coach Cesar Menotti.

12 – Gonzalo Higuain

A club career that spanned across River Plate, Real Madrid, Juventus, Napoli and more, Gonzalo Higuain was a talented striker. 31 goals in 75 matches El Pepa is, unfortunately, famous for his failures in the 2014 Copa América and the 2014 World Cup, but along the way Gonzalo Higuain scored 5 goals in the World Cup and played in three World Cups.

11. Ubaldo Fillol

Regarded as having revolutionized the goalkeeper position, Ubaldo Fillol was a lanky and quick goalkeeper on his feet and won the 1978 World Cup. Fillol was part of three Argentina World Cups and was the goalkeeper of the tournament in 1978.

10. Diego Simeone

Strong defensive midfielder Diego Simeone is widely respected around the world for his passion on the field. He played 108 matches and scored 11 goals. Known for being a geek, he won the Copa America twice and participated in three World Cup finals with Argentina.

9. Luis Artem

No striker scored the goal percentage scored by Luis Artem, who scored 24 goals in 25 matches for Argentina. A fierce goalscorer, Artem played in the 1966 World Cup and played for three South American clubs, River Plate and Independiente in his native Argentina and Nacional in Uruguay where he was loved by Tricolor fans.

8. Javier Zanetti

One of the most respected Argentine footballers of all time, Javier Zanetti was a rock in Argentina’s defense from 1994-2011 playing 145 games and scoring 5 goals. The Inter Milan full-back had elegance, luxury, and lungs on his wing as he played in only two World Cups and inexplicably left the roster in 2006 and 2010 when Zanetti was at the height of his career.

7. Sergio Aguero

Former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero was an outstanding goalscorer for the Argentine team with 41 goals in 101 caps. Agüero has always been a constant whether starting or coming off the bench and has been part of three World Cup finals for Argentina.

6. Javier Mascherano

Strong defensive midfielder Javier Mascherano has been a true captain and often the glue that has kept the Argentina national team together. With more than 140 caps with Argentina, Javier Mascherano has played in 4 World Cup finals and Diego Maradona said he is more important than Lionel Messi at some point.

5. Daniel Passarella

One of the greatest defenders of all time, Daniel Passarella was the captain of the 1978 World Cup winning team. Passarella was an exceptional man as a defender and goalscorer, scoring 22 goals in 70 appearances for Argentina. Passarella represented Argentina in two World Cups and technically won two world titles, but did not play a match in Mexico 86 due to illness. Passarella also coached the Argentine national team during the 98th France Tournament.

4. Mario Kempes

Before everyone wanted to be Maradona or Messi, Mario Kempes was Argentina’s national hero with two goals in the 1978 final against the Netherlands. Kempes scored 20 goals in 43 matches with the Argentina national team and participated in three World Cups. Mario Kempes’ importance has been lost to the sands of time, but he was a legendary striker who played for River Plate and Valencia among others.

3. Gabriel Batistuta

One of the most feared scorers of his generation for nearly two decades, Gabriel Batistuta was Argentina’s all-time leading scorer until Messi surpassed him. However, Bate Jules scored 56 goals in 78 matches and represented Argentina in three World Cup finals.

2. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi broke all the records in the Argentine national team, and he is the owner of the most international matches and the most goals scored ever. One of the smartest footballers of all time, Messi showed all his skills in the national team, winning the Copa America once and jumping a place above Maradona, he needs the World Cup. Messi is considered by many to be the greatest player of all time, having represented Argentina in 4 World Cup finals, with Qatar being their fifth. Messi reached the final in 2014 but failed in extra time.

1. Diego Maradona

No one has dominated the World Cup like Diego did in 1986, single-handedly leading Argentina to their second world title in 1986. Maradona is more than just a footballer. He was a national symbol of Argentines, and after his death the world. Maradona is the rebellious spirit of a sport that has become highly regulated over time. To describe Maradona, you need only one word…breathtaking. Diego Maradona represented Argentina in 4 World Cup finals, and he played in two finals, in 1986 and 1990.

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