25 legendary World Cup players for the Seleção Brasileira


Brazil It is football, the beautiful game defined by great players, skill and flair. Brazil The World Cup may have been the greatest team in history, 1970 world Cup The team that won the nation’s third title out of five.

This list unfortunately cannot fit all the great players of Brazil’s past, but among the honorable things Bebeto, Kaka, Ray, Rivaldo and Robinho. Still next 25 players He left a big mark in the national team.

Here are 25 legendary world Cup Players for the Brazilian national teamEach of these players has left an imprint on his era and his heroes five times.

25. Neymar

Neymar should indeed rank higher on this list, but despite being Brazil’s second-best scorer of all time and playing exceptionally well for his national team, Nye has yet to win the grand prize. Like Lionel Messi, if Neymar wants to be named among the greats, he has to win the World Cup.

24. Claudio Taffarel

It’s strange to see a goalkeeper on the list but Claudio Taffarel was a solid goalkeeper for Brazil. Known as a shot-stopper and penalty kick, Claudio Taffarel played in three World Cup finals for Brazil, appearing strong in the PKs in 1994 and 1998. Claudio Taffarel won three titles in yellow and blue.

23. Karika

Carica was a medical scorer, had an amazing partnership with Diego Maradona in Naples and scored 30 goals for the Brazilian national team in 64 matches. Careca participated in two editions of the World Cup in Brazil, in 1986 and 1990.

22- Didi

Stylish midfielder Didi was a key part of Brazil’s two World Cup titles in 1958 and 1962. Known as the free-kick specialist, Didi was playing for major teams in Brazil and Real Madrid. Didi won ten titles with the Brazil national team.

21. Claudedo

A member of the famous 1970 World Cup winning team, Claudaldo was a legendary defensive midfielder who only played 38 games for Brazil. His only goal was decisive with a semi-final goal against Uruguay in Mexico 70.

20. Junior

Junior was a two-footed left-back who had amazing passing abilities and played forward. Junior played in two editions of the World Cup in 1982 and 1986, and played 74 matches and scored 6 goals.

19. The monastery

Captain Aleder played in three World Cups for Brazil, winning the 1994 championship and reaching the final in 1998. Aleder also led the defense line to twice win the Copa América and the Confederations Cup.

18. Carlos Alberto

A captain in the locker room at the 1970 World Cup for Brazil, Carlos Alberto was the hardworking defensive midfielder who kept a host of superstars together. Carlos Alberto played 53 matches for Brazil and scored 8 goals.

17. Falcao

Talented midfielder Falcao represented Brazil at two World Cups and was known for his elegance on the ball and his playmaking abilities. One of the most talented players of his generation, Falcao scored 6 goals in 34 matches.

16. Ronaldinho

One of the most skilled soccer players of all time, Ronaldinho was just eye candy for soccer fans. Winner of the 2002 World Cup and two other major titles, Ronaldinho’s skill was formidable. 33 goals in 97 matches. Had it not been for his off-court antics he would have been higher on the list.

15. Gerson

Another skilled and legendary midfielder from the 1970 squad, Gerson was a very capable defensive midfielder who had possession of the ball and played with the rest of his teammates. Gerson played in two World Cups.

14. Roberto Carlos

The left-back of Real Madrid was more than just a defender, he was skilled in the wing area, had a killer free kick, and was exciting in making defensive and offensive plays. Roberto Carlos played 125 matches and scored 11 goals for Brazil, which won six cups.

13. Dunga

Dunga was the captain, the rock in the middle for Brazil in three World Cups at the 1994 tournament and was the finalist in 98. A tough midfielder, Dunga was a coach on the field and won four titles with the national team.

12. Kavu

A birth winner, Cafu is considered the greatest right-back in football, having won the World Cup twice and reached another final. In total, Cafu won 5 trophies with Brazil and won at club level 20 trophies in total. Wonderful profession.

11. Leonidas

Before Brazil dominated the World Cup, they experienced early struggles despite having talented teams. No player was more skilled than Leonidas, who scored 21 goals in 19 matches and played in two World Cups in 1934 and 1938.

10. Toastau

Lacking physical strength, Tostão made up for it in mental toughness and dribbling skills to get out of trouble. Tostão played in two World Cups and won the 1970 championship, scoring 32 goals in 54 matches.

9. Rivelino

One of the best attacking midfielders in the history of Brazil, Rivelino played 92 matches and scored 26 goals. He was part of the famous 1970 team that won in Mexico and played in the World Cup after that.

8. Romario

One of the most prolific goalscorers in Brazil history, Romario was a major part of the team’s title in 1994. One of the best strikers of his era, known for his killer touch and scoring skills, Romario was always prepared for the big occasion, even though he was hardly what you’d call a professional. .

7. Mario Zagallo

Perhaps no one has been more associated with the Brazilian national team than Mario Zagallo, better known as El Lobo, the wolf, because of his temperament, Zagallo was a player, assistant and manager in the national team. Literally age with Brazil. On the field, Zagallo was a winger who played and won the World Cup twice in 1958 and 1962. He won the 70th World Cup as a manager, a true national treasure.

6. Jerzinho

Another great benchmark for the Brazilian national team, Jairzinho was an exciting winger who scored 33 goals in 81 matches and played in three World Cup finals, scoring one and finishing fourth in another.

5. Socrates

An attacking midfielder with a goal and a vision second to none. Considered the “brain” of Brazil in the 1980s, Sócrates played 60 times, scored 22 goals and despite never winning a major title, Socrates was a brilliant player beloved by fans.

4. Garrincha

An unmatched dribble player, Garrincha was born in street style, and for three World Cups, Garrincha was as famous and important as Pele. 12 goals in 50 matches and the 1958 and 1962 World Cup, Garrincha was worth the price of admission.

3. Zico

An amazing talent who scored 48 goals in 71 matches for Brazil, Zico was an attacking midfielder known for his flair, speed, exceptional technique, ball control and dribbling skills. Zico is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time.

2. Ronaldo

Ronaldo was a phenomenon during his football career, at Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Inter Milan, he was the best of his generation. Ronaldo is the second best scorer in the history of the World Cup with 15 goals in 19 matches, and won the 2002 World Cup by scoring two goals in the final.

1. Pellet

Does it really need an introduction? Pele has won the World Cup three times, scored more than 1,000 goals in his career and is the sport’s ambassador. The world continues to pay homage to Pele, he has deserved more than the accolades he has received, and is perhaps the greatest player of all time.

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