25 of the worst movie sequels ever


Hollywood He lost most of his creations or lacked the backbone to take the chance of getting an original Movie. Today everything is a formula or a sure thing. This is why there are 6-7 installments of marvel Movies, C-class superhero movie productions to fit in this universe.

Horror films started the multi-movie fad, with the goal being to continue the villain’s story by killing as many films as possible in as many films as possible. Today, through the multiverse, you can literally make the same movie about the same character, IE three movies about joker In less than 10 years.

Still, the success “equation” sometimes doesn’t work. Here are 25 series that were never meant to be made!

25. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

The sequel to one of the worst “horror movies” ever made is Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2, in this episode the first killer’s brother Santa goes crazy and runs away when he himself tells the Christmas murders. The plot is pointless, the movie is part comedy, part ‘horror’, and then there’s rubbish day!

24. Deuce Bigalo: European Pimp

Not like the first Deuce Bigalow was a classic by any means but someone thought it was a good idea to give the green light for a sequel. This time the grumbling bitch goes to Europe to solve the case of she-john killing other gigolos.

23. Jaw: Vengeance

How does a shark want revenge for something that happened 10 years before he was killed? The Jaws franchise was dead in the water when Jaws: The Revenge came out and flooded theaters. The plot of this movie is so poor one has to wonder what Mario Van Peebles and Michael Caine were thinking when they did this unwanted piece.

22. The son of the mask

The mask without Jim Carrey is a superman without flight. Son of the Mask is a big bore because Jamie Kennedy is such a bad alternative to Jim Carrey, and when the mask is on the dog more than the standout, you know it’s a recipe for disaster.

21. Basic Instinct 2

Sharon Stone is back as a sex-crazy cougar who is in every sex scene you can imagine while her co-star looks on in shock. The acting is some of the worst you’ll ever see, the plot is so illogical, and sixty faces, why? As the movie progresses.

20. Good Day to Die Hard

The movie trilogy that kicked off the Die Hard series is a solid foundation for three very good popcorn movies. In 2013’s A Good Day to Die Hard, John McClane, in his 60s if you’re doing your math, should have retired. Once again, the embattled McClane has to stop the terrorists and the common man who made John McClane famous is now more punished in his 60s than he was in his 30s. This movie is a mirror image of Hollywood’s absolute lack of creativity.

19. GI Joe: Revenge

The first GI Joe, based on the popular ’80s game line, was actually a WTF movie, and the sequel was even worse. However, GI Joe: Revenge grossed over 300 million at the box office, despite its pretty boring plot, unrealistic fight scenes, and acting best suited for a late movie.

18. RoboCop 3

Extremely violent RoboCop has two satisfying installments, but when his game was selling like hotcakes, the third movie went to PG-13 and was marketed to kids! Themes of corporate greed and urban renewal are toned down so that RoboCop can do battle with ninjas.

17. Space Jam: A New Legacy

LeBron James is trying to fill the role of Michael Jordan in a sequel to a movie that wasn’t a classic debut when it originally appeared. Space Jam: A new legacy suffers, we’ve been here before, the plot is very familiar and with the arrival of mainly CGI, all the actors are now working alongside the animators. Space Jam: A new legacy devoid of anything new.

16. Leprechaun: Into the Cover

Another low-key Hollywood movie series Leprechaun, released during the end of the gangster rap era, was Leprechaun: In The Hood basically about setting the evil Leprechaun in the worst possible metropolitan city. All the stereotypes you can think of are crammed into this movie chaos.

15. Grease 2

Travolta-less is about a British student who arrives at an American high school and has to prove himself to all his classmates. Grease 2 has nothing that made the original movie successful and devoid of soul and purpose.

14. Kindergarten Cop 2

Dolph Lundgren replaces Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role, and the film is a sequel to a movie released nearly 20 years ago. The slips are the same, but Dolph Lundgren is a bore compared to Arnold’s magic in the original.

13. Batman and Robin

The movie that flooded the Batman franchise started by Tim Burton and destroyed by Joel Schumacher, is Schumacher’s fourth and second installment. Batman Forever at least had Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones this guy has Arnold Schwarzenegger in a suit he can’t move telling every pun from a bad joke book Everyone seems to know the movie is a mess and it’s one of the worst superhero movies ever .

12. American Psycho 2

Mila Kunis can’t deny her involvement in this horrific movie that wasn’t meant to be an American psychological sequel, greedy producers attacked the movie to the original to increase its market value. Kunis plays a criminology student who is drawn to murder.

11. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

JJ Abrams and Disney should be ashamed of themselves for making a carbon copy of A New Hope. The movie places Ray’s character but not so much because fans are baffled by the fact that their favorite Star Wars characters have become shells of themselves. How can Han Solo return to smuggling when he is literally one of the greatest heroes of the Galaxy?

10. All Terminator After T2

We’re putting four movies together, and none of the sequels to T2 have the charm of the first two movies and the same plot plays out over and over again. Every Terminator movie after T2 only hurts the franchise.

9. Gear 2: Cruise Control

The pace was a hit and despite a cast that included Willem Dafoe, Sandra Bullock and Jason Patrick, the formula doesn’t work again. Some films work independently, and speed is one of them.

8. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

The heyday of Mortal Kombat’s popularity knew no bounds during the mid-nineties. Producing two really bad movies, the sequel introduces more characters from the video game and a forgotten story.

7. Mean Girls 2

A movie devoid of the soul and life of the original. Mean Girls 2 is a cheap opportunity to earn money on a great original. A complete hit when it comes to sequences.

6. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Two films from the same trilogy make the list, and the third and final trilogy has spawned two no-nonsense films. The Force Awakens was a cheap remake of A New Hope, The Rise of Skywalker tries to fix all the mistakes of The Last Jedi and cuts short as it returns to the well of the original trilogy once again.

5. I still know what you did last summer

The title says it all, full carbon copy of the original, devoid of any creativity, I still know what you did last summer, was just an excuse to see Jennifer Love Hewitt in the rain.

4. Kadishak II

Chevy Chase returns to the cult classic with a sequel to DOA starring Jackie Mason, Dan Aykroyd, and Robert Stack. The cast was extremely unhappy during filming and the end result was a monster bomb at the box office.

3. Superman IV: The Search for Peace

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was intended to be a thought-provoking film about the arms race of the mid-1980s. Unfortunately, budget cuts and production issues have forced a lot of special effects to look very cheap. Despite a decent effort from Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman, Superman IV comes short.

2. Independence Day: Back

A sequel to the sequels, Independence Day: A Return showing the poor themes from the first Independence Day. Without Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum cashes the big check for a pointless movie.

1. Spider-Man 3

Sam Raimi wanted to end the Spider-Man series with great fanfare, although with two very good previous films, Spider-Man 3 suffers from a lot at once. From three villains, several subplots, and a Peter Parker dance, you’re left feeling like a train has hit you.

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