3 founders discuss how to navigate the nuances of early-stage fundraising • TechCrunch


Fundraising is not homogeneous The event is rather a series of encounters and compliments, each with its own character and nuances. However, many of the founders’ fundraising tips paint the process with a broad brush.

We heard from three founders at TechCrunch Disrupt last week: Amanda DoAmaral, co-founder and CEO of Fiveable; Arman Hazerkhani, founder of Partean; and Sarah Doe, co-founder of Alloy Automation, both of which have hit highs and lows in the past 18 months. They talked about navigating the process, what worked (and what didn’t) and how to customize your presentation to navigate the many finer details of fundraising.

For DoAmaral, it was important to spend some time researching investors who might actually support her company. She said she had investors who had meetings with her because of a warm introduction despite no actual intent to invest.

“My co-founder and I got in a car and drove to Tennessee thinking we were going to get that check. And this guy didn’t even trust me to be present at the event. DoAmaral remembers they don’t write the check.” People won’t take me seriously if they don’t see me as an equal. them at all.”

Doe added that conducting due diligence on potential backers beforehand is useful, not only to see if they can actually invest in the company, but also whether it is a good idea to work with them. This is especially true for founders who grew up in the early stages and who are looking forward to a long-term relationship.

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