30 Halloween Snack Ideas for Halloween 2022


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Ah, October 31. You might be ten hocus pocus Re-watch, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get tired of feeling the Halloween spirit. It feels great: all the storefronts are falling in cobwebs, and you’re thinking of taking the scissors for a childhood costume to make it new again, I’ve studied nearly 17 full-length Halloween makeup tutorials To perfect your flavor on Halloween night.

If you are hosting (or attending) a scary evening This year, you can’t just throw out any old chips and dip—no, it has to be a whole graveyard of enchilada dipping. Your brie has to be structural, and your pizza has to be horrible. We’ve got you covered with all these super easy and delicious Halloween snack ideas. To pull this off, you might want to hit up your local craft store for some festive cookie cutters (and some food coloring), just FYI. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea for storage tequila For witches, you’re on the cusp of excitement.

now light a Cinnamon scented candle And get ready to get pumpkin *spicy* with Halloween party snacks (and Cocktailsobv , we won’t skip those).

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Pumpkin pie dip

Watch out, Starbus. Dipping into this pumpkin pie is better than going for a PSL. This rich, delicious creamy spread takes just seconds: Beat cream cheese and confectioners’ sugar until smooth. Whisk in the pumpkin, sour cream, and spices until blended. Transfer to a bowl served with ginger. Refrigerate leftovers (which you won’t have).

Delish recipe


candy corn jello shots

Always the lover of the crowd (but not always your next-morning buddy), these vodka-corn-and-candy-infused rum-infused jello shots are super festive. Just a tip: You need about an hour and a half to set each layer, so don’t think you can start filling these when your guests arrive. It’s more of an All Hallows Eve activity.

Recipe from AllRecipes


Quick Caramel Apple Fudge

Emphasis on speed here. If your guests are in Uber and you still have to, um, Decorate your entire placeCaramel apple candy squares are very simple. Basically, you just dump the ingredients together, including apple chips, caramel, and white chocolate, and microwave. This recipe whips up extra fall and makes a 36-piece set, so you’re covered even if you end up with after-party smashers.

Recipe from The Pioneer Woman


Scary Chicken Slider

Add some fake fangs and voila! You have instant creepy (but delicious) creatures to jazz up any party dish. They are almost too cute to eat. (Approx.)

Recipe from Rave & Review


Chicken cemetery enchilada recipe

Enchiladas Cemetery… What more do you need? bury me in it this is.

And don’t forget to fold the cheese (that’s for you, Sheets Creek fans) and let it be cute and fun for the best IG story worthy cheeses when you dip.


eyeball eggs

Umm, devil eggs. Do we need to say more? Adding in some scary eyeball pictures is exactly what you need to make this dish even more intimidating. Use olive or edible eyeball candy for the eyes and apply red food coloring using a toothpick to trace the “veins” all over the egg.

Recipe from Happy Foods Tube


Pumpkin Roast Chipotle Cheddar Tots

These delicious crackers are scary good, flipping the text on the usual cinnamon spice you get with good pumpkin food. So it’s kind of like finger tater, but this pumpkin and chipotle cheese add a little kick. Fair warning: it may not make it to the actual party.

Recipe from the half-baked harvest


strawberry ghosts

These boo-ti-ful ghosts are more than a hoax, and they’re super uncomplicated! Grab some strawberries, white chocolate, mini chocolate chips, and a Ziploc bag, and free up some space in the fridge.

Delish recipe


green matcha popcorn

This recipe is so easy, zombie (aka your name, can make endless brunch) recipe. Pick your favorite popcorn, sprinkle some matcha over the top, and shake until covered. And there you are, Frankenstein vibes to add to your snack spread!

Recipe from oh how many civilization


wild mummy

Add some puff pastry to some store-bought processed cheese and you’re good to go. Start by preheating the oven to 400 degrees. Sprinkle some flour on a work surface like a kitchen table and roll out the puff pastry. Whisk eggs and milk together for a pastry brush. Bake until cheese is white and sticky and pastry is golden (about 20 minutes) and add pepperoni or olives for eyes.

Delish recipe


bread rattles

Something smells delicious. These reptile snacks are a tote bag, whether you’re attending a spooky dinner party or eating a shindig with your third bowl of spaghetti this week. Use olives and dried chilies for the eyes and tongue, and sprinkle some poppy seeds for texture.

Recipe from Country Living


apple caramel cheese

Have you been to an orchard recently (photos with your SO or not)? Indulge your fall fantasies with this practically easy dip. In fact, you can’t often pair your apples with Snickers and liquid caramel, so don’t sleep on this application opportunity.

Recipe from Glorious Treats


Pumpkin pesto crostini

Make it seasonal and sophisticated with pumpkin and pesto crostini! Where is the horror?! You’ll know it when you see an empty plate in five minutes…

Recipe from Country Living


Black Charcoal Lemonade

The witch’s drink is deceptively simple: lemon juice, activated charcoal, and maple syrup. Mix well and then dilute with water as desired. It won’t be gritty or chalky at all, but rather provides a *cool* black color. Bonus points for being a literal chiller.

Recipe of 40 bibs


Shrinkled potato heads

Add a little dash to your meal prep with shrunken potato heads. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and cut the small faces into the crust. Flip with oil and place on a baking tray to bake for 40-45 minutes. Serve with works: jack, bacon, sour cream, and it’s okay…just put in a whole potato while you’re at it.

A recipe with a few shortcuts


How to eat sweet

Say hello to the *adult* apple juice you should be drinking in October. This spiced fall cocktail is the comforting, sweet drink of your dreams.

Recipe from How to Eat Sweet


candy corn pops

Life hack: Adding honey to the pudding mixture gives each piece a *pop* of sweet corn flavor that makes it taste like the real thing. We also wouldn’t be mad at all if you added some vodka whipped to amp up those bbs😈.

Recipe from Number 2 Pencil


Bourbon Butterbeer

oh, Harry Potter once again? Brb, cuddled under a fave weight throw with a glass of this for all the magical vibes during Halloween movie night.

Recipe from Gastronom


Halloween Cake Pops

Cake pops? immediate injury. You can become a design savvy too, to create spiders, jack-o’-lanterns, mummies, or some bright black and orange pops. You can even trick your roommates into making it a party decoration Before Party, while at the same time making jello shots from above.

Recipe from the Food Network


Caprese Bloody Mary

Can we admit once and for all that Bloody Marys are nighttime drinks? Embrace your inner vamp by sucking up this classic bev.

Recipe from a fork in the kitchen


baked chips

Slice up these gluten-free, eco-friendly, and vegan-friendly treats with a cookie cutter and some olive oil spray. Make it crunchy or savory and more pita-like to go with any of the dips on this list.

Recipe from One Lovely Life


Pumpkin Blondes With Swirl Cheesecake

who – which whirlpool, though… enchanting. Yes, you’ll devour these pumpkin-and-cheese-infused blondes, and yes, you’ll make them again for Friendsgiving.

Delish recipe


bloody mary syringes

If you’re going to be partying all day on October 31st, start the morning by putting your Bloody Mary into easy injection shots. As a bonus, this recipe is super easy (!) to assemble for lots of guests.

Delish recipe


Spider nacho spread

With refried beans, jack, chutney, cheese, and a “net” of sour cream, this seasoning And the The frightening recipe will haunt the dreams of all your guests (but, for example, in Good road).

Women’s Day recipe


ghost pizza recipe

Now that’s the kind of ghost you want to happen to you. Save this ghost-filled pizza for the Halloween Scaries, or serve it to your guests as midnight snacks to soak up all the boo-ze.

Women’s Day recipe


Practical Magic Midnight Margaritas

Speaking of midnight, who else wants to dance around the kitchen? practical magic is the scheme, and we’ll make any excuse to beat tequila during magic hour (or anytime, really).

Recipe from two girls dad


Leftover cookies

I mean, you probably don’t have any leftover candy hanging around, but if you don’t get trick-or-treating in your studio apartment, make better use of these. We present to you: leftover cookies. You can fill them with caramel and Reese’s like pictured, but Snickers, Milky Way, and fun-sized Hershey bars are all fair game.

Recipe from Blue Bowl


pastry ghost

These white chocolate-covered pretzels instantly transform into ghosts with candy eyes and some creativity. Best yet? They only use three ingredients so it’s very easy to throw them together.

Dessert now, dinner later


Poison apple cocktail

Poison apple brittle cocktail is the scariest shade of green. Serve it in a witch’s cauldron with dry ice if you dare, or in test tubes to mimic a mad scientist’s lab experiment. Bonus points if you sprinkle your glasses with some green apple sugar.

Recipe from Seaside Baker


Mummy Jalapeno Poppers

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