30 Most Common Sexual Fantasies


Sexual fantasies, impure thoughts, dirty daydreams – whatever you want to call the erotic scenarios that haunt the corners of your mind, we all have it. Perhaps you had a fantasy about communicating with a professor. Can Bridgeton Totally made you obsessed with the idea of ​​a file fend off shredding romp In a four poster bed. Or, maybe you were just thinking about trying a file new game with your partner. Whatever your sexual fantasies are, the first thing you should know about them is that they are totally normal – yes, even absolutely horrible fantasies.

Certified sex therapist says Donna OreoPh.D., founder anoderite.

Some of the most common sexual fantasies among women include Threesomes group sex, sex in publichaving sex with a friend, and cuckolding. Currently, there is also a great spread of the desire to act kink fantasieswhich includes everything from basic impact gameplay [aka spanking, flogging, etc.] to me rape scenesBIPOC sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, MA, adds sexpert for Lovers A sexual health brand and retailer.

While some fantasies may be more common than others, what we sexually imagine is as diverse as the people themselves, and these fantasies can change all the time. Angie Rowntree, founder and director of the award-winning ethical porn site, says: sssh.com. For example, you might have gotten into trouble 50 shades The BDSM craze a few years ago, or maybe I thought, “Oh, this Hot,” when I heard Doja Cat sing about dread with a mirror on the ceiling in “Freaky Deaky.” The point is, “sexual fantasies do not exist in a vacuum, nor are they static,” says Rowntree.

It’s also important to note that just because you’re imagining something, it doesn’t mean you necessarily want to do it IRL. Sometimes fantasies are just fantasies, and that’s totally fine. “It’s totally normal to have sexual fantasies that are burning hot, but you also don’t want them in real life for any number of reasons,” says Rowntree. “No matter how you choose or choose not to express your fantasies, your feelings and reasons are absolutely valid.”

However, if you are *interested in making these fantasies a reality, there are definitely ways to make your most centuries-old dreams come true. Below, some tips from the experts on making your wildest fantasies a reality.

1. Make sure it’s something you actually want to do.

Again, it’s fine and perfectly normal to fantasize about things you don’t actually want to do, so the first step in acting out your sexual fantasy is to make sure you really want to. “First, take a step back and think about whether or not you really want your fantasy to become ‘real,’” says Rowntree. “Make sure you represent that fantasy because you really are an enthusiastic participant, not because you’re trying to please someone else.” If you’re not sure, try Test the waters in other ways to explore this imagination, such as watching porn or Send text messages About it with a partner.

2. Talk to your partner.

Check with your partner to see if this is a fantasy they would be interested in achieving with you. In an ideal world, of course, broaching the topic of exploring a new sex would always be easy and fun, but if you’re feeling anxious about it, don’t be afraid. “Nothing really beats open and honest communication,” says Rowntree, adding that his asking might be as simple as saying something like, “I got turned on when you did X last night, what would you say if we tried Y?” or: “Is there something new that might Want to try it together this weekend?” Or: “I was reading this article about XYZ… well, what do you think about that? Is that something that excites you?” (Note: If you’re feeling a little nervous, Stewart adds that there’s nothing wrong with taking the old “ask a friend” approach at first to test the situation).

3. Put it in a low pressure environment.

“When bringing up the idea of ​​exploring a sexual fantasy with a partner, do it in a place where there is no sexual pressure,” Stewart says. In other words, don’t drop a whole new fantasy on your partner in the middle of sex. “Bring up the conversation when you’re casual with each other, whether it’s at dinner time or when you’re watching TV, or even on a walk.” Presenting the idea of ​​exploring a new sexual fantasy in a low-pressure environment is key to making sure everyone is on the same page and has the time and space they need to make sure they can give their full and enthusiastic consent. “Sex is always better when it comes from a place of uprightness and positive consent, and you’re free to be transparent at all times about what you do and don’t want,” Rowntree says.

4. Do your research!

Depending on what kind of fantasy we’re talking about here, there may be safety or legal concerns you should be aware of, equipment to buy, or skills to master. Stewart recommends taking a class, doing some research online, and even making an appointment with a friendly sex guru in your neighborhood before setting off. If your imagination involves a kink, you may also benefit from accessing relevant communities that practice the thing you care about. Rowntree adds. Also, make sure you understand the risks your imagination might involve – such as getting caught in a trap public sexDevelop a plan to mitigate those risks and/or deal with potential repercussions. “If you feel the need to orgasm outdoors or in public, it might be Couples Resort or slingshot The club will let you enjoy the outdoors together as you wish,” says Rowntree. “If you want to experience slavery, start by learning the literal ropes from professional BDSM teachers before you attempt to stage a scene on your own.”

5. Set limits.

As with all types of sex all of the time, safety and consent are of paramount importance when it comes to exploring new fantasies. “Make sure that you and your partner(s) are aware of and agree to the limits, that they are audited, tested, safe to play, and that you have”Aftercare“Plan for debriefing and thinking,” says Rowntree. And remember, staying safe is supposed to add to the fun, not take it away. “If you feel safe and secure and are with a lover who supports your explorations, desires, and sexual needs, this makes it very easy to realize your fantasies,” Stewart says.

Now, the fun part. For anyone looking for inspiration (or, maybe you’re just interested peaking), 30 women share their sexual fantasies with us, below.

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