60 Relationship Questions to Ask Your Partner


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It’s no secret that Communication is an important principle From any relationship, whether it means talking through Financial or family issues With your partner to know how to raise the futureOr ask for that cute baby you just met What exactly are they looking for right now. Simply put, in every relationship, questions are important, and not just because they help you get answers. No matter how serious you are, you can always get to know your partner better, and expressing your ongoing curiosity about your SO can help ignite the spark of life.

“I know a lot of couples think the biggest issue to look for is disagreement and whether or not they fight,” says Marriage and Family Therapist. Katie Miles, LMFT. “But really, being curious and showing interest in your partner is more effective for Happy long term relationship From something like no conflict, because this kind of connection is the basis in reality liking each other and have friendship.”

It’s also important to remember that your and your partner’s answers to these questions can change – because we Our relationships change and state changes *gestures on a large scale* everything It can also change. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about each other, the answers seem pretty straightforward as our biggest dreams, fears, and emotions can develop. With all that in mind, here are 60 questions to ask your partner anytime stage in your relationshipFrom the honeymoon stage to real honeymoon.

when dating

There is a lot to cover when dating or talking to someone new, and we’re not just talking about information that you can easily get hinged profile of someone. These questions can help you get to know a new potential partner (or a fun person, TBH) well.

  1. What are some of your dreams?
  2. Emotionally speaking, what drew you to people in the past?
  3. How do you deal with it when Relationships don’t work out?
  4. What’s the worst history you’ve been in and why?
  5. What do you think makes dating really good?
  6. What have you learned from a tough breakup?
  7. Who was your first true fan?
  8. What is your definition of a good relationship?
  9. Who is your biggest friend and what do you love about them?
  10. What skill do you wish you had?
  11. What do you love most about the way you live your life right now?
  12. Is there anything in your life that you hope to change in the next few months or years?
    1. When you are in charge~

      Being in charge can mean many things: deciding on a naming, become exclusiveOr just delete your dating apps. In any case, your relationship is likely going in a deeper direction, and now that you have more security in your connection, you may feel like you have an opportunity to ask deeper questions and learn more about your person.

          1. What is your first impression of me, and what do you think of me now?
          2. What ways do you think We are more compatible?
          3. Was there anything that surprised you about me when we started getting more serious?
          4. What do I always do turns out to you?
          5. Are there any patterns that appeared in your past relationships, and do you see that happening with us?
          6. What is something you are really proud of?
          7. If you don’t have to worry about work and finances, how will you spend your time?
          8. What was the hardest decision you’ve made in the past few years?
          9. How was your first heartbreak?
          10. what is yours language of love– Is there any love languages This does not concern you at all?
          11. what or what Do you have limits With your family and friends?
            1. When you move together

              Moving in together is a huge step, and chances are, you two know each other really well by now. But it is important to keep this momentum going. “There is a kind of satisfaction that comes with having a long-term relationship,” says a licensed marriage and family therapist. Beverly Andre, LMFTwhich warns that you become less “deliberately” making the effort to get to know your SO

              “You know a version of your partner from any time frame, but if you stick with that, it doesn’t give them space to grow, learn, or sometimes back off,” she adds. Here are some questions that can help you stay up to date with your partner as you take things to the next level — and learn how Decorate your new place.

              1. What are some of the things you want to do together, both short and long term?
              2. Why are you excited to move in together?
              3. Are there any tasks (eg, grocery shopping) that you think would be fun to do together?
              4. What are some of your concerns about taking this next step?
              5. How often will you need time to yourself?
              6. How do you feel about buying or keeping the décor, artwork or pieces of furniture that you love?
              7. How do you feel about hosting events, parties, or friends and family members as overnight guests?
              8. Which of your friends and family members are close enough to us that they might come to our house on very short notice, or until it is announced?
              9. Shall we make regular time for date nights?
              10. Are there any chores or tasks that you find calming — or dread?
              11. How do you define “home”?
              12. What can we do to make our new place feel like home to you?
              13. How will we know our relationship is working?
                1. when you get married

                  our end! At this point, you’re probably used to asking questions as they arise, and hopefully, you’re in the habit of learning new things about your person. But since there’s always more to learn, here are some ways to start thoughtful conversations about what your marriage might really look like, and why. marriageHow will you get through the tough times as you move forward?

                  1. Before we meet, what are your opinions on marriage?
                  2. How will we keep our relationship strong or new?
                  3. What excites you most when it comes to our future?
                  4. What are some of your favorite memories we made?
                  5. When was the moment you knew we were getting married – or knew you wanted to get married?
                  6. How do you see children fit into our lives?
                  7. Is there anything you learned from your parents, older relatives, or other role models about the family?
                  8. What do I do to make you feel loved and safe?
                  9. Are there any topics you still feel nervous about when brought up with me?
                  10. Are there frequent quarrels we have that may keep popping up throughout our marriage — and is there a way we can handle it better than we did in the past?
                  11. How will our sex lives change once we are married, and how will we communicate if one of us is unsatisfied?
                  12. How will we spend important holidays?
                    1. When you get married

                      By the time you tied the knot—or reached your first, second, or tenth anniversary—you might feel like you’ve already discussed absolutely everything. At least, you probably feel like you know How to discuss everything. But solid relationships can happen New struggles. Perhaps you are ready to talk about having children or buying a house; Perhaps, you are going through some unprecedented relationship issues.

                      When it comes to tackling challenging new topics, Miles advises seeking permission first. “If you’re coming over to your partner and they’re hungry or they’ve had a really bad day and you’re just starting to dive into something, it probably isn’t going well — and then it creates this false narrative that no sensitive conversation is going to go well, and you see people They avoid it completely,” she says. And if they say now is not the right time [to talk]You’re not avoiding the conversation completely. You can ask, “Well, when would the time be?”

                      But that doesn’t mean you just have to ask the toughest, toughest questions. Here are some topics to check while navigating married life.

                      1. How have your dreams changed since we first met?
                      2. Was there anything you did this week that pushed you away?
                      3. Is there anything you’ve done lately that made you feel loved?
                      4. Do I have any financial habits that bother you?
                      5. How do you see our relationship changing in the next five, ten or even twenty years?
                      6. What do you think of my strengths or weaknesses as a parent?
                      7. When it comes to parenting, how do you feel about discipline?
                      8. What are the most important values ​​that you want to instill in a child?
                      9. Is there anything I can do to communicate better when we have a struggle?
                      10. What’s the hardest thing we’ve been through together?
                      11. How do you think our struggles have strengthened our relationship?
                      12. When we’re going through tough times as a couple, what feelings or memories remind you that we can get through?
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