70 Best Group Costumes for Halloween 2022—Best Squad Costume Ideas


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PSA: Halloween This month. I know, I know, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone too. That fresh air is here and everyone is already picking out pumpkins, so if you haven’t already planned your Halloween costume, it’s time to dress up! (There is so much to look forward to with horrifying season, but also remember to be safe and keep track of any face mask Requirements even if you are fully vaccinated, according to Center for Disease Control.) So, if October 31st is your favorite day of the year, and you want to plan a great night out with your best friends, here we’ve rounded up 62 Halloween costume outfit ideas to start your brainstorming. Come October, you and your comrades will achieve all the praises ever. (And by “friends” we also mean your name dog or catjust saying’.)

From pop culture moments And a creative movie and TV Characters To your favorite band, there’s no shortage of inspiration so you and your best friends can get into the ~ spooky spirit this fall. Keep scrolling for all files very funnyfun, and group OTT costumes, and start dropping your favorites into the text string to get the ball rolling.

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If your closet is already filled with neutral colors and skin-tight silhouettes, like dressing up Kardashians-Juicing Kim, Kris, Kourt, Kylie, or Kendall would be super easy.


Up to the scene like trance The crew will give you instant cool points. Don’t forget to make eye makeup the center of your look.

bring it

Justify, it’s cold in here… Achieve iconic team goals by channeling Clovers this Halloween.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Shine like your always-on favorite from the Los Angeles entertainment franchise with a liquid silver dress, all-over glitter, and an appetite for drama.


incanto Stand fans. Here’s your chance to channel Mirabel, Isabella, Bruno, Luisa, Dolores… and maybe their powers too.

Umbrella Academy

Whichever Hargreeves brother you choose, wear a school navy jacket and matching shorts or a plaid skirt. Oh, and maybe a bag (for time travel purposes, obv). Add a canopy for more craftsmanship and puns.

Disney Villains

Cruella called, wanting her wig. You can’t dress the wrong way like any of these Disney villains.

Emily in Paris

This show makes the French girl aesthetic so easy. All you need is the Eiffel Tower as wallpaper. Sure, it could be fake but it’s plus points if you book a flight to Paris to find out… search.

yellow jackets

Dry your hair, sprinkle some dirt, and grab a jacket (yellow jacket, obvi)!

queen of queens

And the winner is…You are, When she slips through the party she looks like a glamorous beauty queen.

leopard girls

A group of four friends? Then you actually need to To recreate these leopard ghosts!

Super Mario Bros.

Here’s what you and your team will need: denim (OFC) suits, red and green long-sleeved shirts, hats, gloves, tiaras, and princess dresses.

The Incredibles

that’s easy! We’re sure you’ll look…incredible.

and like that

The satk Rebooting soon, so don’t forget to channel Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte in honor of the news.

Big Little Lies

This idea is a costume within a costume because you can all be variations of Audrey Hepburn while also being BLL personality at the same time.

the seventies

Good , BLL The gang also had these costumes on display, which might totally inspire you and your friends to enjoy the disco vibe with headbands, jojo shoes, and headpieces.

gossip girl

Another reboot, another costume opportunity! Look like the fave Preppy Upper East Siders in white collared shirts, ties, plaid skirts, and jackets.

Take out the knives

Everyone can pick a character and then fully commit to the role because there were a lot of characters in this fun “whodunit” movie. I call Chris Evans, just so I can wear that cable knit sweater.


Ariana Grande channeled Austin Powers robots in her music video for “34 + 35” and you and your friends can achieve the same look in pink feathered nightgowns, gloves and thick hair.


The beige suit and proton pack (aka a vacuum hose attached to the backpack probe) will have you ready to suck up all those ghosts and ghosts.

Bridgeton ladies

Wear your best look and braid your hair in a textured updo to look like you just stepped out of that great Netflix show.

suicide squad

This comic strip has many great costumes for its heroes (or, I think, anti-heroes). Make it yourself with your crafting skills or you can simply buy it so you can completely recreate the look.

Twilight Saga

These movies got a new life when they were released on Netflix this year, so maybe that’s your sign to live out your middle school dream and actually wear Colin?

Ted Lasso characters

Put on blue and red sports jackets, masks, shades, and yellow whistles so you and your friends can become Beard, Ted, Roy and Nate trainers on Halloween night.

the fate of the child

Saweetie walked away from Bey, Kelly, and Michelle for this photo, but of course, you and your loved ones can choose a singer for this Halloween shoot.

Toy Story

Bring the group back together with this fun group costume idea from the classic Disney movie.

Avatar the Last Airbender

Netflix picked up the Nickelodeon throwback series last year, and it’s just getting more and more popular. Test your cosplay skills and craft these outfits from Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Air Nomads.

their own league

The characters in this classic ’90s movie wore bold red and pink outfits that you can easily recreate or find at a thrift store. Just be careful with those baseball bats!

tiger king

The tiger king The March craze seems like a long time ago, but it still makes for a great group costume with minimal effort—if you have a lot of animal print clothing, that is.

Mortal Kombat characters

Get ready to do some jump kicks, punches and flips in these colorful costumes.


You can leave that up to your group’s interpretation since this horror series really emphasizes the whole “no rules” thing, but masks, mock blood, and axes get the point.

hocus pocus

The witches in this spooky flick are instantly recognizable by their makeup, hairstyles, and colorful capes. The Sanderson Sisters are kind of a Halloween costume icon, let’s be honest.


Outsmart the bullies one break/Halloween party at a time.

Spider-Man inside the spider world

Be whatever kind of spiderman you want to be! Pin on spider ham.

inside outside

Channel all the emotions with this fun group costume. You can use a combination of things you already own as well as store-bought items like face paint and wigs to enjoy these things.

Mario Kart

Pick your favorite character and put on some gowns, tiaras, hats, and studs to make it look like you just stepped out of a Nintendo game.


Grab a croquet mallet, the best combination of a skirt, a pleated jacket, and red lipstick to dress up characters from these ’80s classics.


If you’re a ’90s kid, there’s no better way to express a trend for your decade—just get your own acid-washed jeans, fanny pack, and scrunchy.

Scooby gang

Put your best detective skills to work with this team uniform. (And be sure to bring Scooby Snacks to refuel.)

Nutty and pussies

Wear your best cat ears and all your leopard print outfits to be this musical trio.

I mean girls

The whole gang is here! Adorn yourself with pink shirts, plaid skirts, and cardigans for a glamour.

cast fat

You’ll dance and sing “Summer Nights” all the time with these outfits – pink bomber jackets, black leggings, and neck scarves, for example.

Fanta Girls

Don’t you want… Don’t you want Fanta Fanta? Kylie Jenner and her friends wore these latex pieces, but anything solid color would cut across (especially if you have a coordinating Fanta bottle with you).

Danny and her three dragons

Um, you won’t cast any spoilers, but only one of these characters is still alive. Create a halter top by wrapping some fabric and pinning it, put on a matching skirt, braid your hair, and you’ll be a queen! Or if you’re a dragon, buy a dragon mask?


Ugh, as if! Snake feathers, plaid costumes, and foldable phones are sure to make this team outfit recognizable.

Diners, drive-in, and dives

If you don’t have friends willing to commit to a group costume, your dogs always work too! The flared shirt, slicked-back hair, and sunglasses are by SO Guy Fieri.

cast Beetlejuice

Say it three times, and the striped icon will appear!

aliens from Toy Story

Claw!!! Glue some big googly eyes to a green headband, add quirky ears, and give yourself a matching makeup.


Welp, this is so terrifying. You can wear casual clothes, because for this costume, it’s all about scary masks.

the silent Hill nurses

Sure, these nurses are just from a movie, but that doesn’t make them any less terrifying. All you need is a white dress, fake blood, a nurse’s hat, and either great makeup skills or gauze for your face.

Bob Burger

Belcher femme represent. glasses? examines. Pink bunny ears? examines. Big burger? examines.

kids beanie

Channel all that ’90s nostalgia with your best buds, who undoubtedly have a bunch of these in their bedrooms.

Codename: Kids Next Door

Speaking of nostalgia, how about this #TBT on one of Cartoon Network’s best shows?

pizza party

The best kind of party TBH. Cardboard is your friend to these triangle shaped fashions.

All Taylor Swift

Old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now… except for a bunch of old Taylor Swift from every stage of her music career.

Tweet embed


Every mob needs a hat-wearing gang leader.

Spice Girls

If you want to be my lover, you must get along with my friends. Live out your Spice Girl dreams and grab some boots, sequins, tracksuits, and leopard prints.

beer pong

It is now a competitive sport.

Monica and Rachel from friends

On Halloween, no one can judge you for wearing a wedding dress not on your wedding day.

aliens from Sesame Street

What do you get when you cross solid-colored blankets with huge eyeballs? This is “Yip yip yip yip!” comrades.

Google Maps

A gray plaid T-shirt and a red poster board will come in handy for this. And if someone doesn’t understand it, just say “Recalculate…”

Addams family

No fight over who will be Wednesday Adams!

Rugrats Children

Crop tops will be immortalized forever with performances about kids who just can’t fit their clothes.


The only type of troll worthy of recognition. Colored hair spray, plenty of gel, and sparkly clips are key to this throwback outfit.

the four Seasons

Dress up like your favorite time of the year with your best friend. Molasses in the fall!

Disney Princess

If you and your friends are obsessed with Disney characters, this is the right group costume for you. (Although you may have to fight to be the princess you want to be.) Visit a Halloween store to get specific outfits or make one yourself if you’re up to the task.


Good old fashioned #TBT in the Stone Age. Cut out the felt patches to recreate the patterns on these outfits.


Just know you’ll be dueling all night.

coven of american horror story

Don’t miss the chance to dress up in all black. Ever. Wear what’s already in your closet, then just shop for a stylish witch hat.

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