Aaron Donald, Jaylen Brown end relationship with Kanye West’s Donda Sports



Kanye West’s latest magazine has already caused problems for the artist. Now, Aaron Donald (NFL) and Jaylene Brown (NBA) have decided to end their relationship with Donda Sports.

Aaron Donald (left, Los Angeles Rams) and Jaylene Brown (right, Boston Celtics)
© Jane Kamen Oncia, Elsa / Getty ImagesAaron Donald (left, Los Angeles Rams) and Jaylene Brown (right, Boston Celtics)

in the last days, Kanye West It was highlighted, not necessarily for his music. After some controversial comments, Aaron Donald (Los Angeles Rams – NFL) And the Jaylen Brown (Boston Celtics – NBA) He decided to end their relationship with Donda Sports.

Donda Sports Kanye West It is a marketing agency for different types of celebrities. Of course this includes players of any kind, but the owner’s actions weren’t the best and now he’s losing some of the biggest stars he had to his company.

Aaron DonaldAnd Rams DL and Jaylyn BrownCeltics guard, he had enough of Kanye West And his most recent work. Both players stepped up and ended their relationship with the marketing agency in October.

Why did Aaron Donald and Jaylen Brown leave Kanye West’s Donda Sports?

On October 25, Aaron Donald and Jaylene Brown They sent a message on their social media announcing the end of their relationship with Donda Sports. Of course this move surprised everyone, but it has a huge reason behind it.

Kanye Westwho officially changed his name to youHe posts rude and controversial take on Twitter. He was accused of anti-Semitism after he tweeted “Go Doom Con 3 on the Jewish People,” On October 9.

West defended himself by saying so Blacks are actually Jews too. Then his account was banned and the tweet was deleted, but the situation is not over.

Aaron Donald and Jaylene Brownwho was represented by Donda Sports, had had enough and ended his relationship with West who accused him of it “Anti-Semitism and Perversion”.

This is not the only problem for me. TMZ It was reported on October 25 that Adidas will be too ending her relationship With the music for these comments. Kanye had a file cooperation With the sports brand to create The iconic Yeezy shoebut that will end and they won’t manufacture them anymore, apparently.

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