Aaron Judge’s next team if he leaves the Yankees



With the New York Yankees’ season already over, let’s take a look at the three teams that could win the Aaron Judge sweepstakes.

Aaron Judge
© Elsa / Getty ImagesAaron Judge

Let’s start things off by saying that there is no way to New York Yankees can lose Aaron Judge. It’s fresh from one of the greatest seasons in MLB History, will add insult to injury then This is a humiliating end to the season.

But we’ve seen crazier things happen. There is a chance Judge resents Yankees fans for booing him—yes, the guy who detonated and carried 62 bombs this season—after hitting him in the playoffs.

There is also a chance that the judge will want to leave after being attacked by the Yankees or not feel appreciated enough if they don’t ask him to be their captain. Whatever the case, this is a favorite of odds makers Temptation judge away from the Bronx.

MLB Rumors: Aaron Judge . Possible Destinations

3. Los Angeles Dodgers (+300)

You can’t judge Los Angeles Dodgers Out of the equation when a star becomes available. The judge is a California native, and you know money wouldn’t be an issue for the biggest power in the National League.

The Dodgers are also new to a heartbreaking loss and will be looking to add more firepower to their squad. They will give the judge the best chance of winning in the end World Championship After years of shortcomings in the Bronx.

2. New York Mets (+275)

The New York Mets They lived in the shadow of the Yankees for a very long time. So, what is the best way to get a file Steve Cohen An era of stealing the best in bombers began with a record-breaking deal?

Cohen has shown that he will not hesitate to do so spend big bucks To finally get his team over the hump. The judge will remain in the Big Apple, and the Mets are a better team than the Yankees now.

1. San Francisco Giants (+200)

The latest reports claim that no team will bid on San Francisco Giants In the race for the services of a judge. Again, this will give them a chance to be closer to home, although it would be a rather odd choice.

If money is what he seeks, then joining the giants would not be inconsequential. But this team wasn’t set up to compete right away, and it won’t be for the next two years. then again, We’ve seen crazier things happen.

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