Aaron Rodgers challenges Packers teammates ahead of Bills matchup


Aaron Rodgers and the Packers They are in a difficult place early in the 2022 NFL season. Green Bay He was on a losing track record after seven games (3-4), the four-time best player recently threw his teammates under the bus, and to make matters worse, Invoices They are coming then.

The firmness is clearly suffering from the effect Davant Adams‘Off-season departure, with double production In the attack and Rodgers after for him worst QBR As a start. on the other side, buffalo Comes from a farewell week after winning statement in Kansas City.

Furthermore it , Josh Allen In great shape because his team (5-1) is legit Energy aspirations. While the timing of this match doesn’t look great, Rodgers believes this is an opportunity for his teammates To prove everyone wrong.

Aaron Rodgers loves the fact that the Packers are underdogs vs the Bills

It’s safe to say that no one seems to believe in Packers The way the 17-year-old does. Predictors favor Bills by more than 10 points, an unprecedented difference in Rodgers’ career. but that It doesn’t seem to affect him Absolutely.

“Yes I love him,” Rodgers Mike Spofford of Packers.com said. “It’s a rare type, which means we’ve won many matches here. But Being a double-digit underdog is a different place for us, and I hope we’ll embrace that role, because it probably won’t be like that for a while.

Aaron Rodgers wants his fellow Packers to embrace the status of the underdog, the peak game

“Every year, you have to relearn how to win,” Rodgers added. “I think sometimes when you’re in trouble, and you lose a few games in a row, It’s not a bad thing to adopt this underdog role, accepting the fact that no one expects you to win, and in this scenario maybe you could play a more free role. Maybe the pressure will ease a little. Maybe in your mind you can slow things down a bit. I know that’s what I’m going to do this week and I hope there will be a lot of players as well.”

As the quarterback and chain leader, Rodgers often sent a message to his teammates, some of them cute, Others are not so much. This time, he dares to be firm to overcome the odds.

You can be a dangerous team when you feel like you have a lot to prove, and when you are sort of counted. So I welcome us to be as confined as possible. I’ve always enjoyed that feeling. And for those guys who have so much to prove, I hope they embrace it too.

It’s time to make a name for yourself in this league, and plenty of players will get chances on Sunday. On national television, with millions and millions of people watching – it was an amazing time for some of these guys to step into the spotlight.”

Green Bay may not be a favorite on Sunday, but we’ve already seen many upheaval seven weeks later. The Packers themselves have suffered unexpected defeats in recent weeks, so they should know that better than anyone else. Nothing impossible.

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