Aaron Rodgers gets brutally honest on the Packers’ poor performances



Even though they dropped three games in a row, Aaron Rodgers has complete confidence in the Packers’ ability to turn this around.

Aaron Rodgers
© Scott Taich / Getty ImagesAaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers get it now Dropped three consecutive games. Moreover, they were all toys They were supposed to winWith the loss versus the fighter Washington leaders The most surprising so far.

Matt LaFleur Decision making was questionable, to say the least. He wasn’t the aggressive bringer he had been for most of his time with the team. This is mainly due to their lack of attacking personnel.

The Packers’ uncertain reception team left much to be desired during the first seven weeks of the season. However, Aaron Rodgers He still has complete confidence in their ability to recover.

NFL news: Aaron Rodgers hasn’t lost faith in assertiveness

“You’re right (they can turn things around). I’m not worried about this band,” Rodgers said after the game. “Actually, that could be the best thing for us. This week, nobody will give us a chance, going to Buffalo for ‘Sunday Night Football’, with the chance to reveal… the shot, that might be the best thing for us.”

It’s not a time to panic, says Rodgers

The Governor MVP This feeling had already been echoed before the match. He said that even though they had a humble start to the season, they still had plenty of time to turn things around:

“If you’re looking at pre-season in the NFC, four teams[were]definitely in the conversation: San Fran, Los Angeles, Tampa, and us,” Rodgers said on The Pat McAfee Show. “The four of us are 3-3. I don’t expect any panic in those places. The league is stronger across the board. The difference between winning and losing is very thin, and for us, our margin of error is also poor.

“There is a lot of football left. We have 11 games left,Rodgers added. “Obviously we have to play better, I think everyone understands that, in all three stages, but there is definitely no panic.”

Rodgers hasn’t looked so good all this season, but it’s not like he has a lot to work with. It is worth noting that some claim that he dug his own grave with this huge knot, and whether the Hazmon was You will take up their WR depth remains to be seen.

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