Aaron Rodgers loses patience, urges Matt LaFleur to make changes



In the wake of a third straight loss in the 2022 NFL season, Aaron Rodgers called his Packers teammates and even suggested coach Matt LaFleur make changes.

Aaron Rodgers.
© Scott Taich / Getty ImagesAaron Rodgers.

After showing signs of anxiety during training camp, it took seven matches Aaron Rodgers to lose patience. The veteran quarterback tried to stay calm though Packers“Bad start to the campaign, but then Three defeats in a rowhe had had enough.

After the horrific loss of Washington leaders Sunday, Green Bay He recorded a loss of seven weeks in 2022 NFL season (3-4). That’s certainly not the high level Rodgers talked about during training camp.

In his post-match press conference, the NFL player was cited four times.”mental errorsAs the reason behind the Packers struggle. Rodgers doubled down on those comments on Pat McAfee Show On Tuesday, suggesting that some players It must be the bench.

Aaron Rodgers throws his Packers teammates under the bus

“It’s certainly not just one play here or there,” Rodgers said, via ProFootballTalk. “It’s 20 percent of the time. If we have 50 plays and we have 10 missed tasks or mental errors, that’s 20 percent of the time. So that’s way way too high. In the past we’d look more like, less than 10 percent, and that gives us a good chance.” Really to be successful. 20 percent, that’s way too high. This is a play from a series that makes it really hard on yourself. So we have to fix that. I think players who make a lot of mistakes shouldn’t play. You should start cutting some reps. And maybe players who don’t play, give them a chance. “

Rodgers looked much calmer a week ago, even when his team was in two straight games of defeats. But obviously The Packers’ struggles to turn things around is starting to worry him, which makes sense considering that Invoices They are coming then.

Rodgers says players should take responsibility

“I think when the players really take charge, you’ll see the potential for us to run, Rodgers added. I’m not talking about players taking power from coaches. I’m talking about taking charge. We take ownership of what we put in the field. Now, some of that might be in the plan. Some of that could be, hey, “I really want to do that”, offense, defense, teams (specially), whatever.

“But the other part is owning your daily habits and routine. Just because we’re a young team, we can’t omit that as, “Oh, we get that.” …we need everyone on the same page to make possible plays. We need them from Monday to Saturday to make time to be ready to play Sunday. Because there are many times in the game where there are simple, simple things that don’t get done.”

Those are all fair points, although Rodgers himself has a lot of work to do. This is one of the most challenging moments for the Packers in years, and we’ll see if it’s on national lights Sunday He gets the best results from them.

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