Abortion is the number one midterm issue for voters in Michigan, while Whitmer dominates in governor’s race


Abortion ranked first for voters in Michigan Inflation and cost of livingaccording to a new poll that shows Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer dominating the state’s gubernatorial race.

A Detroit News/WDIV poll of registered Michigan voters found that despite the Consumer Price Index (CPI) report, year-over-year inflation rose to 8.3% in August and national gas prices rose another, abortion is considered the most important. Mid-term release for 36% of respondents.

In June, the Supreme Court Roe v Wade case turnedReturning the right to limit abortion to the states. Since that landmark decision, Democrats have turned to abortion as a major issue in their midterm strategy.

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Michigan Governor and Democratic candidate in the gubernatorial race, Gretchen Whitmer.
(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Inflation and the cost of living were the most important issue for 24% of potential Michigan voters, while 11% felt that Threats to American democracy It is an issue of paramount importance.

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According to the poll, Whitmer has a 17-point lead over his Trump-backed Republican challenger, Theodore Dixon, in the hotly-watched gubernatorial race, by 50% to 32%. Whitmer Command It widened from another poll conducted by the Detroit News in early September that showed the Democrat with a 13-point lead over Dixon among Michigan voters.

“It doesn’t get stressed because no one has done the work within the Republican electorate to let them know who their candidates are,” said Richard Kzoba, a pollster and founder of the Glengariff Group, along with polling results that tilt largely in favor of the Democrats.

Theodore Dixon is the Republican candidate for governor of Michigan, backed by Trump.

Theodore Dixon is the Republican candidate for governor of Michigan, backed by Trump.
(Tristan Willock/Bloomberg)

Whitmer angered her Republican opponent, and a financial filing report released in August showed the Democrat had $14 million in her campaign account, while Dixon revealed she only had $523,930 in her coffers.


The Detroit News / WDIV The poll was conducted September 26-29, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

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