Abrams scorched for suggesting abortion alleviates inflation: ‘Positively ghoulish’


Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abram appalled conservative Twitter users with her argument Abortion fights inflation By removing the burden on the children’s family finances.

Abrams made the conservative claim of “evil” and “positive gully” on Wednesday while speaking to MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe.

Barnicle pressed Abrams on how he might ease voter concerns about inflation and higher gas prices. Abrams’ answer suggested that keeping abortion rights safe would help solve the problem of inflation.

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Georgia Democratic candidate Stacy Abrams speaks with Fox News’ Brandon Gillespie following a rally with the Asian American community in Gwinnett County, Georgia on October 7, 2022.
(Brandon Gillespie)

She told Barnicle, “But let’s be clear. Having kids is why you’re worried about the price of gas, and that’s why you’re worried about How much does food cost?. For women, this is not a reductive issue. Divorce cannot force you to carry an unwanted pregnancy out of the economic realities of having a child.”

Referring to her idea that economic success and abortion go hand in hand, Abrams added, “And so this is it — it’s important for us to have ‘alike’ conversations. We don’t have the luxury of reducing it or separating it.”

The candidate’s comments sparked a lot of outrage online.

Governor Ron DeSantis, Republic of Florida, Director of Rapid Response Christina Buchou He criticized Abrams, tweeting: “She’s so bad at this.”

Virginia delegate Nick Freitas said, “Under Democratic leadership, you can’t afford the kids, but don’t worry, they’ll force your neighbor to pay for your abortion!”

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, asked, “Why do Democrats like Stacy Abrams and Katie Hobbs care about full-term infanticide?”

Former Republican congressional candidate Laverne Spicer was shocked by the Abrams clip, saying: “Stacy Abrams says killing your unborn children helps with inflation because you don’t have to worry about the cost of feeding them. Stacy Abrams is a demon.”

Conservative radio host Dan O’Donnell couldn’t believe what Abrams was referring to in the clip. He tweeted: “Stacy Abrams just said more abortions would help solve the inflation problem. You can’t make that up.”

Georgia Democratic candidate Stacy Abrams.

Georgia Democratic candidate Stacy Abrams.
(Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

Former Congressman Vernon Jones asked, “Wait a minute, you think @staceyabrams and want you to believe abortion is a good way to cut the cost of gas and food? D—!”

Lawyer and podcast host Philip Holloway claimed that Abrams’ argument was unnatural, “chirp” Wow. staceyabrams receives some advice about strange political messaging. It confuses inflation with miscarriage. It’s weird “.

Republican activist and former congressional candidate Matthew Fuldi used Abrams’ word to sum up the current state of the Democrats’ political fortune. “Biden’s economy is so terrible right now that @staceyabrams’ solution is for women to get #gagov abortions,” he wrote on Twitter.

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Pro-life activist and Catholic priest Fr. Frank Pavone tweeted, “Well, @staceyabrams thinks abortion can help inflation. Killing living babies to help inflation is evil! WE NEED VOTE FOR LIFE!!!”

Conservative author Mark Thiessen tweeted, “Stacy Abrams says the answer to inflation is abortion. If you kill your child, you don’t have to feed or drive him to school. You can’t make these things up.”

“Positively jolly,” Newsweek opinion editor Josh Hammer tweeted.


The financial distress of inflation - Fox News Poll

The financial distress of inflation – Fox News Poll
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