Accused Florida child molester arrested after Tinder match reveals conversation to cops


A woman used a file Tinder dating app To help Florida authorities crack down on a suspected pedophile who said he hoped to have daughters so he could groom them for sexual abuse, authorities said.

The woman told News 6 in Orlando that she began speaking with Nicholas Wallace, 29, last week after a match on the popular app. Eventually, their conversation turned dark when Wallace admitted their attraction to young girls, she said.

“I decided to ask what younger he would go for, and he said: Are you really [want to] Do you know? “

He allegedly told her, “She was eight, never forced or anything, she started slowly.”

“Then, one day, at last, they had sex,” she said.

At least 269 K-12 teachers were arrested for child sex crimes in the first nine months of this year

Authorities said a woman on Tinder helped authorities arrest Nicholas Wallace, 29, after he confessed to sexually assaulting young girls.
(Marion County Sheriff’s Office)

Authorities said they reported Wallace to the District of Columbia Sheriff’s Office on October 12, and undercover investigators began writing to Wallace while impersonating the woman. During the conversation, Wallace allegedly sent four pictures of sexually abused children.

Then he tried to arrange a meeting with the woman and said he would bring him a little boy He claimed to have abused in the past And to whom he had “virtually unrestricted access,” according to the office of the Marion County Sheriff, who was already investigating Wallace for allegedly uploading child sexual abuse material on social media.

“During his conversation with undercover investigators, Wallace also openly described the process of preparing young children for sexual activity, and stated that he hoped to have his daughters so that he could sexually molest and beat them as children,” Marion County authorities said. in the current situation.

In this image illustration, the Tinder app icon is displayed among other apps on the smartphone screen.

In this image illustration, the Tinder app icon is displayed among other apps on the smartphone screen.
(Thiago Prudencio/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)


District of Columbia investigators arrested Wallace on October 14, prior to the planned meeting, and searched his home where they took his electronic devices. He is being held in the Marion County Jail on $95,000 bail.

He faces several charges, including Transmission of child pornographyPossession of child pornography and promotion of the sexual performance of a minor. Authorities expect more charges once his phone and tablet are examined.

“It kind of bothered me thinking he thought I was OK with this,” the woman said of her online meeting with Wallace. “I think prison is very good for him.”

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