Adrian Wojnarowski reveals when will the Lakers trade Russell Westbrook



Although the Los Angeles Lakers are still promoting Russell Westbrook’s market, it may be some time before they find him a new home.

Russell Westbrook
© Ezra Shaw / Getty ImagesRussell Westbrook

It’s hard to blame Russell Westbrook to Los Angeles Lakers’ shortcomings. Rob Pelinka Responsible for assembling the team, did not do a good job Find pieces that fit well with each other.

But even if it’s not his fault, Westbrook’s skill set is clearly not what the Lakers need at the moment. It will be in everyone’s interest To find a business suitor, But this has been an uphill battle so far.

However, all hope is not lost. According to ESPN’s Adrian WojnarowskiThe Lakers can still trade Former MVPAnd the But they will have to wait at least 20 games before finding the right trading partner.

NBA rumors: Lakers will wait until Thanksgiving to transfer Russell Westbrook

“I was told to expect Rob Pelinka and the Lakers to wait until Thanksgiving, 20 games a season, And knowing which teams might start pivoting, who isn’t starting well, and who decides they might want to dump players and take part in the Victor Wimpanyama lottery,” Woj said.

“Entering into the lottery, rather than as we’ve seen in previous years, teams chasing the playing cycle. I see them using the 2027 and 2029 pick, and Russell Westbrook’s contract,” Woog added. “To see what’s going to happen in the market, but as more teams turn to sellers, there were a lot of buyers last year, and more sellers are expected this year and you’ll see the ask price in the trades go down. It’s supply and demand. Expect the Lakers to reach the 20-game point where teams reach an inflection point about how they want to move forward.”

Westbrook fired his agent after advising him to stay with the Lakers, so it’s clear he’d welcome the move elsewhere. Now, find a business partner A contract worth $47 million It will be the tricky part of the equation.

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