Africa’s tech talent accelerators attract students, VC funding as Big Tech comes calling • TechCrunch


Tech giants are The search is increasingly for tech talent in Africa, where the number of developers reached 716 thousand last year, a 3.8% increase from 2020, according to The Google.

In the past six months, Microsoft and Amazon have been hiring to cut That came along with tempting offers including moving to their hubs in the US and Europe, endearing themselves to the small but growing talent pool amid stiff competition from other tech giants like Google, as well as startups.

This demand for African developers is expected to continue, buoyed by the effects of big resignation, Which prompted employers to look for new talent elsewhere, and as tech giants love The Googleand Oracle and visa Expand their operations in Africa.

However, with high demand, the number of new developers entering the market is disproportionately small, mainly because traditional educational institutions in most African countries have been slow to renew their courses to keep pace with the demands of the labor market and the rapidly evolving world of technology.

On the other hand, the gap between supply and demand has unambiguously triggered the launch of new developed schools and spurred the growth of existing schools in recent months, many of which are getting the attention of global venture capitalists.

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