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Aaron Nola and the Philadelphia Phillies will try to pull off one of the biggest turmoil of the past few years when they face the Houston Astros in the 2022 World Championships. In this article you will find more about the bowler such as his age, decade, brother, wife and net worth.

Aaron Nola from Philadelphia Phillies
© Harry Ho/Getty ImagesAaron Nola from Philadelphia Phillies

For the first time since 2009, Philadelphia Phyllis back in World Championship. However, they are the obvious underdogs against Houston Astros. during the Phyllis Amazing postseason run as file wild card Team V National Leaguethe monument’s rotation was decisive in defeating the St. Louis Cardinals, and Atlanta Braves San Diego Padres.

One of those promoting aces was Aaron Nola. Indeed, given his extraordinary work, principal Rob Thompson Gave him the ball to start game 1 of World Championship 2022 In Minute Maid Park in Houston. During the final weeks of the regular season, and of course in the playoffs, Nola made a phenomenal 1-2 pair with Zach Wheeler.

In the Best of Seven series, the Nola-Wheeler tandem might be what it could be Phyllis need to grab MLB . Championship. In this article, you will know more about Aaron Nola like his age, decade, brother, wife and net worth.

How old is Aaron Nola?

Aaron Nola he is He is 29 years old. Born in June 4, 1993 In Baton Rouge, Luciana. In those early years, his father coached him in a small league team. In college, Nola had an extraordinary career with LSU . tigers And he immediately became a potential MLB client.

Aaron Nola Contract: What is his salary?

In 2018, Aaron Nola signed a 4-year contract / $45 million With the Philadelphia Phillies. All this money is guaranteed and earned $2 million signature bonus. Given that the contract expires after this season, Velez owns a 16 million dollars A choice on Aaron Nola for 2023 or a chance to get him with a new deal.

Who is Aaron Nola’s brother?

Austin Nola He is the brother of Aaron Nola, and in an amazing story, they faced each other in the 2022 National League Championship Series. The 32-year-old older brother is San Diego Padres catcher. Aaron and Austin Nola were the sixth pair of brothers to play against each other in MLB postseason history.

Is Aaron Nola married? Who is his wife?

Aaron Nola is still unmarried but according to several reports, he may be close to tying the knot with his girlfriend, Hunter Jade Harrington. They have been dating for nearly three years and the party will take place in December.

How much is Aaron Nola net worth?

Currently, Aaron Nola has a net worth of 10 million dollars. Of course, the looming contract extension with the Phillies, or any other MLB team, will affect that number in the coming years.

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