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One of the greatest surprises for the Houston Astros was Jeremy Peña during the 2022 MLB season. Now, the young star has reached the world championships and here you can find more about him like his age, height, decade, girlfriend and social media.

Jeremy Peña of the Houston Astros
© Carmen Mandato / Getty ImagesJeremy Peña of the Houston Astros

When Carlos Correa Went and signed with Minnesota TwinsMany experts and thousands of fans believe that this was the beginning of the end for Houston Astros And the era of their dominance in American League. however, Jeremy Peña Change the entire script.

Immediately, Jeremy Peña She is one of the best short stops in baseball when, just a year ago, he was still a member of the Astros’ practice squad. During the post-season period, Peña played a major role in sweeping Seattle Mariners In the ALDS and the New York Yankees In the ALCS. In the MLS series, New York’s lack of defense was a decisive factor. Houston was flawless.

for Jeremy PeñaIt was a dream to play alongside stars like Jose AltoveAnd the Justin Verlander or Alex Bergman. Altogether, they will try to give second stars World Championship nickname. In this article you will find more about this amazing player like his age, height, decade, girlfriend and social media.

How old is Jeremy Peña?

Jeremy Peña he is 25 years. Born in September 22, 1997 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In a great achievement for the juniors, this was supposed to be a transitional season after they left Carlos Correa. However, the Peña in the conversation to win Rookie of the Year.

How tall is Jeremy Peña?

Jeremy Peña is 6’0″ (183 cm) and weighs 202 lbs (91 kg). Peña was born and raised in the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) and then his family moved to the United States when he was 9 years old. It was chosen by Astros In the 2018 MLB Draftbut its beginning came until 2022.

Jeremy Peña’s contract: What is his salary?

Jeremy Peña is on One-year contract / $700,000 with the Astros. This is a robbery for Houston and a great front office decision after all the money they decided not to pay Carlos Correa. From an economic point of view, this could be one of the best moves of the decade. Obviously, the Astros should give Jeremy Peña a decent extension.

Who is Jeremy Peña’s Girlfriend?

Since at least 2019, Vasiliki Turla She is the girlfriend of Jeremy Peña. During the 2022 MLB postseason, many fans wondered who received the famous Peña heart tag when he scored. This is also the gesture to his mother Cecilia. Vasiliki Turla was born in Maine in 1998, but her parents are from Albania. An interesting detail is that she is a female track and field athlete.

How is Jeremy Peña on social media?

Given his success during the 2022 postseason with the Astros, Jeremy Peña He’s been heading nearly every day for the past weeks. For example, on his Instagram account @jpena221, the player came close to being reached 200 thousand followers. On Twitter, Peña has nearly 25 thousand followers.

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