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Top Tech Crunch 3

  • Someone having a good day: Jasper, who calls herself an “artificial intelligence content” developer, has raised its first-ever round of funding — and a big round at $125 million, to give it a $1.5 billion valuation, Kyle reports. It also comes as the company is working to acquire a grammar and style checking platform, Outwrite.
  • Converting tenants to landlords: Christine Provides an update on Landis, which has raised $40 million in Series B funding. The company buys homes on behalf of clients while also providing them with a correction to build their credit and eventually obtain a mortgage on the home they are renting.
  • So, Apple had an event: roman He gives you a look at the new entry-level iPad which he says looks just like the iPad Pro. Sadly, it’s also more expensive, but you do get a larger screen. Royal priorities?

Startups and VC

Venture capital funds focus on Specialized sectors “in” to me cosmicAnd Will Ventures is here for it. Christine Reports indicate that the Boston-based company is only flying low Its second fund tripled in size to $150 million Thanks to its approach to investing in sports technologies with the help of its community of sports backers who help strengthen and grow portfolio companies.

Turo, the peer-to-peer car sharing platform that has been billed as Airbnb for cars, Will expand to Australia before the end of the year, Rebecca reports. Local car owners in all major cities, including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, can join the waiting list on the Turo website.

Well, get some more:

News drops from disabled

Encoder Accelerator: Andreessen Horowitz Chris Dixon’s Dishes Anita About “Crypto Startup School”, an inaugural accelerator program that will start next year in Los Angeles. It also provided more information about the company’s recent giant Investing in our favorite controversial founder, Adam Newman.
hidden startup: Both Harry And the Tim He sat on IngridAn interview with Mark Lorre, who revealed a New sports tickets launched The one he works on is called Jump Platforms and I made some of them An Insight into Selling to Amazondescribing it as a “forced transaction”.
at the top of happiness: Talk to Netflix VP from Gaming Mike Verdu Amanda About the opening of a new game studio in SoCal and Entering Cloud Games.

Startup Battlefield

It’s Disruuuuuupt! We are so excited that we can hardly sit still. Here’s the first batch of Battlefield comps taking to stage this Super Tuesday in California — and if you’re curious, Nisha detect the 20 companies apply to the Disrupt Stage earlier in the day. Here’s the first batch released today:

NXgenPortPaul, Minnesota, is looking to remotely monitor cancer patients between doctor visits using a port catheter.

OmnekyLeverage OpenAI’s DALLE-2 and GPT-3 templates to create visuals and text that can be used in social platform ads.

Circular genomics: Claims that its new form of genetic testing can determine which drugs will work for a patient in a fraction of that time.

IntelConnects frontline workers to company resources through text messages.

AppMap: Built on the simple idea that developers should be able to see the behavior of a program as it is being written so that they can prevent problems when running the program.

mother honestly: The new commercial offering aims to give employees more freedom when it comes to spending on caregiving.

Summary: Beyond flashcards to create an AI dialogue assistant we can all have on our phones.

swap botsPaving the way for solar cutting of vegetation and snow plowing of sidewalks.

hormonal: He hopes to encourage people with periods to do just that — adding hormone monitoring to their quantitative health mix.

Stax: He believes that peer-to-peer payments can integrate a new generation of equity investors.

How to combine PLG sales and projects to improve your funnel and drive revenue growth

Six different straws in a cup

Image credits: Richard Drury (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Products and services that sell themselves look great, but PLG startups still launch marketing campaigns and hire sales teams.

Combining PLG with traditional sales-led growth efforts can take retention and acquisition to the next level, says Kate Ahlering, Cal Friendly’s chief revenue officer.

In this TC+ guest post, Ahlering lays out several strategies that will help teams implement their “Hybrid GTM Strategy,” which includes suggestions for leveraging PLG data and improving success metrics.

Three more from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech Inc.

We have more surprise October event for Apple. Brian Take a look at the company The new M2 iPad Pro, which has been updated and will arrive on October 26. Speaking of chips and inches, and a pencil… you get the picture.

More apples for you to enjoy:

Since we have all the Battlefield companies for your reading pleasure, here are just some of them:

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