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The world of Conjuring is growing up again. The fourth installment is already in development and the first production details have been revealed. Here, find out who will be the writer, director, actors, and more.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in The Conjuring.
© IMDbVera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in The Conjuring.

The Warren Doucier is back, horror lovers! Since the release of the first installment, the responsible production companies (Watner Bros. and New Line Cinema) have bet aggressively on Paranormal story And I decided to create a whole world. They made a sequel and several spin-offs, although not all of them were successful at the original box office Franchise.

Sorcery It grossed $319.5 million worldwide and the rest of the films weren’t far behind. the nun It was the second highest-grossing movie in history, followed by Annabelle, who we all remember as a little evil doll tormenting the detective duo. The world of the parent movie continues to expand and we have no doubt that it will give us big nightmares at the end of the day.

David Leslie Johnson McGoldrick, screenwriter of great works such as Aquaman and the Lost KingdomHe will be responsible for writing the script with James Wan and Peter Safran. This isn’t his first time, as he has previously participated in The Conjuring 2 and The Conjuring: The Devil made me do it.

When will The Conjuring 4 arrive and who are the cast?

Not many details have been officially confirmed but some sources are betting on a comeback Patrick Wilson And the Vera Farmiga As the paranormal detective duo, Ed and Lauren Warren. So far no deals have been closed for the director who will be in charge of the launch phase or even a possible release date, so we still have to wait for pre-production and development to be completed.

What will The Conjuring 4 be about?

I watched all the movies Notorious cases which the Warrens have investigated over the years, which include the alleged stalking of the Snedeker family in Connecticut in 1986 (the basis of the 2009 horror film, Haunting in Connecticut).

The pair of paranormal investigators claimed to have obtained video footage of the legendary white lady at Union Cemetery in Weston, near where they lived. What the fourth batch will be has yet to be confirmed, but they are expected to be some of their most famous.

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