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After all the drama with the remake of The Little Mermaid, it’s time for another Disney classic to get its own live-action version: Hercules. The film will be brought to us by the famous Russo brothers and director Guy Ritchie. Here, check out everything that is known so far.

Tate Donovan and Susan Egan in Hercules.
© IMDbTate Donovan and Susan Egan in Hercules.

Hercules Live action or direct event This is a fact! After so much time and going, the file Music He’s coming back to the big screen and this time with a great production team. The The Rousseau brothersThe makers of Avengers: Endgame will be producing the new movie. Guy Ritchiewho previously worked with Disney on the Aladdin Channel, will direct and write the screenplay.

Celebrity brothers, Joe and Anthony, spoke with Variety and revealed some interesting details about the project, such as what it will be based on and inspired by. It’s still too early to know the release date, the cast, or even the plot, but the next details could come out in a few months.

They also confirmed that they do not intend to return to marvel anytime soon or at least until 2030, so they will focus on their next projects, like this new release or the new movie for Netflix with Millie Bobby Brown, Chris Pratt and Giancarlo Esposito, titled electric state.

What did the Rousseau brothers say about the new version of Hercules?

During an interview with Variety, the Russo brothers confirmed that the project is too already underway and that Guy Ritchie, screenwriter and dedicated director for direct action, is working on his own version of David Callaham’s script, which will have several recent adaptations.

“I think Disney is excited to see what we can all bring to the table in a way that isn’t just a reinterpretation of an animated movie. The guy is perfect for that because he has a penchant for experimentation. We’ve always wondered how to adapt everything into a musical,” Joe Russo said.

Hercules: What would the inspiration for the live action be?

According to the Rousseau brothers, Social media plays a big role In the pre-production process. The main focus of the original movie will be maintained but there will be some modern twists.

The masses today are very influenced by TikTok, aren’t they? What is their expectation of what the music will look like? This can be fun and help us push the boundaries a little bit about how modern music is done‘, they confirmed.

On the other hand, the two directors believe that many Disney remakes have failed to follow the original material of the story completely, because it creates situations that are of no interest to the audience and viewers. It is for this very reason that they decided to innovate and add many nuances to the story.

“I think we have a view on how to push the boundaries of their licenses in the future, rather than just sticking with epic management. It would be something more experimental in tone, something more experimental in implementation. in a different experimental tone, ‘Hercules’ will be influenced by TikTok and social media as a musical theater“, Joe Russo explained.

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