Analyst calls Russell Westbrook a ‘washed-up bricklayer’



Kevin O’Connor unleashed his wrath on Russell Westbrook and did not utter his words when he spoke about the Lakers guard.

Russell Westbrook
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The Los Angeles Lakers Are the same Team playing in the caliber They were last season. LeBron James’ Heroic actions won’t be enough to save them, and it seems like it’s not even healthyAnthony Davis It will help them get rid of their scourge.

Rob Pelinka He got a contract extension after putting together two of the darkest lists in franchise history. The Lakers 0-3 to start the season, but they don’t even have their first-round pick in 2023.

But despite the horror of most players, Russell Westbrook The shooting and body language issues popped up again. That’s why TThis is Ranger’s Kevin O’Connor He didn’t utter his words when talking about him.

NBA news: Kevin O’Connor insults Russell Westbrook, claims he’s being traded immediately

(via The Ringer)

“Russell Westbrook is a punchy builder who needs to immediately trade-off with the Los Angeles Lakers for any chance of saving his season.

It’s only been three games, but the Lakers haven’t won their schedule and haven’t calmed down over the next month. Westbrook isn’t the only problem, though. But it is by far the largest and most obvious of them.”

He added, “Westbrook has only made 38.3 percent of middle-class jumpers in his career, and the number has gone down even more since joining the Lakers. He’s gone from bad to worse, and now defenders treat him as if he wasn’t even on court. With three games this season, opponents are vying for quick shots by Westbrook only 41.2 percent of the time. According to Second Spectrum, this is by far the lowest contest rate in the history of NBA tracking data, going back to 2013-14.

That’s not much, though. To put Westbrook’s 41.2 percent competition rate into perspective, there were only other players registered under 50 percent of competing jumpers: Joachim Noah, 48.7 percent in the 2013-14 with the Bulls, and Andre Roberson, at 48.8 percent during 2016-17 season with Thunder. This season, Nuggets striker Aaron Gordon’s 60 percent competition rate is the second lowest in the league behind Westbrook.”

Westbrook has been ineffective for the most part, but he’s not solely responsible for the Lakers’ terrible performance. However, it seems that the only way to save his reputation is through Forcing him to get out of this team as quickly as possible.

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