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Thanks to the power of Anya Taylor-Joy, you and everyone else bought a chessboard in 2021. Say, suddenly becoming a great site to visit? It was truly a great moment to be a literal pawn! Effect Queen’s gambit in the consumer market has been phenomenal (according to CNN, sales of chess sets in the US rose 87 percent in the three weeks since they debuted), and you’d better think Anya Taylor-Joy got a slice of the pie. It’s time to dive deep into her net worth!


The Queen’s Gambit: A Novel

So, what is her total net worth?

Reports about Anya’s net worth vary, but celebrity net worth she says she has 7 million dollars in the bank. No net worth can ATJ Just to be attributed to Queen’s gambit. She has a lot of previous acting credits (umm, hello, whatever.anyone?), plus some very lucrative roles to come.

Although we don’t know the exact salaries Anya (and her agent) negotiated for any of them past Roles (Ah, to be a fly on the wall while those convos), it’s Hollywood, so it’s safe to assume they made some coins. Take a look at the most popular (and most financially successful!) movie gigs – so far:

  • the witchwhich grossed $40.4 million from the worldwide box office
  • whatever.which grossed $26.4 million thanks to the worldwide box office
  • new mutantsAnd the whose performance wasn’t as outlandish as a Marvel movie, bringing in just $18.6 million in local theaters during its opening weekend.
  • glasswhich grossed $247 million worldwide

    how much is it made of Queen’s gambit?

    Reports vary, but daily mail She claims to have earned £500,000. not bad! Although she is sure that she would triple that if they did another season.

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    What are you making for it? Furiosa?

    thanks for asking. Anya is set to star in Mad Max: Fury Road prequel and diverse She just dropped her salary. Spoiler: It’s huge. Specifically, a whopping $1.8 million.

    On top of that, Anya has had some pretty impressive endorsements amid all the well-deserved fame – namely as the face of the Viktor & Rolf perfume campaign:

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    She also started modeling at the age of 17 after that Discovered outside a department store by Sarah Dukas Storm Model Management– The same woman responsible for the modeling career of Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne, NBD. Again, although I pride myself on being a great internet detective, I wasn’t able to reveal any specific information about this modeling deal to Inquiry Minds. Sorry. However, we do know that she has $2.3 million tied up in real estate thanks to the fact that she purchased a luxury home in Hollywood Hills in May 2022!

      Congratulations to Anya for making (and spending) this money. Excuse me now while I go spend everything my king On the chess set:

      Ameros Chess Set, 15



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