Argentina: 140,000 people have HIV, 13 percent are unaware


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On World HIV Day, the National Ministry of Health of Argentina presented the 2022 edition of the Bulletin on HIV and STDs, in which it is estimated that there are more than 140,000 people living with HIV in Argentina. , although 13 percent of them are not aware.

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In addition, the document indicates that 65 percent of people who know their diagnosis receive treatment in the public health system and more than 65 thousand receive their medicines from the national state, ensuring treatment for those who do not have health coverage or who do not have health coverage. receiving medication from their social work.

At 98 percent, the main route of HIV transmission is unprotected sex. Among CIS men, 64% become infected during sex with other men and 34% during sex with CIS women.

HIV in Argentina is a focused epidemic with above-average prevalence in some key groups, such as trans women, men who have sex with men, and sex workers.

An average of 5,300 new cases are reported each year, 69% of CIS men are diagnosed with HIV at an average age of 32, while CIS women account for 29% at an average age of 35.

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On the other hand, the death rate due to HIV-related diseases, despite significant changes in the past ten years, continues in a downward trend, reaching 2.5 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2020.

The bulletin includes the actions implemented by the Directorate of Response to HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis during this year and in which priority was given to various axes, such as the national implementation of the joint prevention strategy for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. (ITS) which currently offers care centers in 10 jurisdictions; Decentralization of care strategy, based on the use of rapid tests to facilitate access to HIV and syphilis diagnoses.

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