Arizona: Possible Aspergillus contamination prompts recall of marijuana products


by NewsDesk Lord, save her

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) recently reported a voluntary recall of certain marijuana products due to potential Aspergillus contamination.

The products were grown by PP Wellness and sold in multiple locations under the product names El Alquimista, Tangie Head, Nasty Girl, The Juice, and Gorilla Grapevine.

ADHS advises buyers to discard products found in laboratory tests to be positive for the fungus.

To date, no diseases have been reported. This announcement comes out of an abundance of caution. Patients who have purchased potentially contaminated products must not eat, inhale or otherwise consume them and must dispose of them. If you have already consumed any of the products and have any of the symptoms described below, please contact your healthcare provider or seek emergency care.

ADHS licensing auditors determined during a routine inspection of a marijuana institution that marijuana samples that tested positive for Aspergillus were tested two more times by different licensed testers with two of the three total test results indicating Aspergillus contamination.

Aspergillus can cause allergic reactions or infections, and it usually occurs in people who are already infected with something else. Symptoms range from asthma or cold symptoms to fever and chest pain among many others.

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