Australia’s socceroos statement against the Qatari government



HC Graham Arnold of Australia (Futbolsites)
© Mohamed Farag/Getty ImagesHC Graham Arnold of Australia (Futbolsites)

The World Cup 2022 He simply around the corner, It is one of the most important events in the world It will close this year, but unfortunately the host is receiving the worst criticism for its poor human rights record.

Qatar is the country selected to host world CupBut a large part of football fans around the world did not agree with the choice, including some players such as Philip Laham, who strongly criticized the upcoming 2022 World Cup.

Just so far sucrose They have the courage to express their views on the human rights situation in Qatar and other issues such as the treatment of migrant workers.

What did the Australian team say about the Qatari government?

It wasn’t a single player, but rather several who announced in a video posted by the Australian professional footballers’ social media account. The response was positive from fans but others criticized the Australian team’s delay in posting the video as they had to do it months before the show started. world Cup.

In the video statement, they are engaged in a same-sex relationship (which is illegal in Qatar).in addition to the fact that the players want Qatar to have better rights for national and foreign workers.

The response of the Qatari government was not aggressive, they immediately responded by noting that the Qatari government is working and has carried out various reforms in favor of human rights in the country. The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (the organizer of the World Cup in Qatar) added “No country is perfect.”

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