Baker Mayfield receives the worst news possible about his return with the Panthers



It took Baker Mayfield a long time to find a good landing spot after leaving Cleveland. Unfortunately, he received the worst possible news before returning with the Panthers after being injured.

Baker Mayfield - Carolina Panthers - NFL 2022
© Aiken Howard / Getty ImagesBaker Mayfield – Carolina Panthers – NFL 2022

One of the most surprising moves during 2022 NFL Offense Trade was between Brown And the leopards for Baker Mayfield. Unfortunately, the quarterback received the worst possible news about his comeback with Carolina next get injured.

Bmuddy mayfield is undoubtedly one of the most controversial players in NFL Nowadays. The Cleveland Browns He had high expectations of him, but unfortunately he was not able to perform well and demanded a swap for the 2022 season.

distance leopards I decided to give a 2024 Conditional Fifth Round Draft Selection for the MidfieldThey already seem to regret their decision. Now, Mayfield is set to come back from a sprained ankle, but he’s received some really bad news about it.

The Panthers want Baker Mayfield to win a starting quarterback job (again)

It wasn’t a great start to Baker Mayfield with the panthers. He won the race against Sam Darnold For a starting quarterback job during the season, but now it looks like he has to do it again.

interim Panthers coach Steve Wilkes took control of the team for the sixth week against the Los Angeles Rams. He didn’t have Baker Mayfield available for this match due to a sprained ankle, so PJ Walker He was taking care of the crime.

Despite losing to the Rams, where Walker didn’t do well, Wilkes thinks so Baker Mayfield must fight again to start quarterback profession.

“I can’t give you that answer” Steve Wilkes said Monday when asked if Baker Mayfield would start if he recovered from his injury. “But I can tell you now these guys [the other quarterbacks] They will compete for this position as well as other positionsDo to see who exactly will come out on Sunday. ”

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