Barcelona drop to the UEFA Europa League again: Funniest memes and reactions


European League

For the second year in a row, Barcelona were relegated to the European League. It’s no surprise that the football community reacts to hilarious memes on the internet.

Barcelona under the leadership of Xavi will play again in the European League.
© Fran Santiago/Getty ImagesBarcelona under the leadership of Xavi will play again in the European League.

It has happened again. Although it looks like F.C.B They were standing on their feet under Xavi Hernandezthey were relegated to European League After failing to overtake 2022-23 UEFA Champions League group stage.

I still have Barcelona I left two matches In group C, but Inter Milan’s 4-0 victory over Victoria Plzen sealed their fate. No matter what results they get in their remaining matches, the Cules He will finish in third place.

It is certainly a huge blow to their aspirations, as they have made all kinds of moves over the summer to improve their team amid a difficult financial situation. Needless to say, the football community was ruthless on social media.

Fans react to Barcelona’s Europa League match again

Barcelona have been busy in the summer, acquiring the likes of Robert Lewandowski and Ravenha, hoping to battle for their first Champions League title in years. Instead, they will once again have to settle with the European Football League. check the Best memes and reactions.

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