Bella Hadid Pairs a Sheer Tube Top with Shiny Baggy Pants in NYC


Black is still the new black.

Bella Hadid was spotted in NYC yesterday wearing an all-black monochrome look that seemed to be channeling the matrix while also instilling her own personal style into the mix.

The model stepped out wearing a glossy sheer tube top with a floral print. The stand-out piece was styled with sparkly flared trousers and dark brown shoes. For accessories, Hadid chose sleek narrow sunglasses, a wide black headband, a black belt with silver studs, and a multicolored shoulder bag.

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New York, NY July 21, Editors, note, photo containing partial nudity, Bella Hadid is seen in Chelsea on July 21, 2022 in a New York City photo by gothamgc photos

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Recently, partner Kin Euphorics has upped the ante with her innovative and innovative street style look.

Earlier this week, Hadid was photographed modeling a jacket in a new way, sporting a black ribbed turtleneck, half cut and revealing her slouchy white shirt underneath. She paired the look with high-waisted, wide-leg silk pants, as well as a black shoulder bag with gold chain straps, her signature skinny black shade, and a pair of white boots.

Before that, Hadid put a spin on 1950s-era fashion while in Europe. She wore a tight jumpsuit that featured capri-length trouser legs, a belt with wide buckles, and cutouts that dangled at the sides. Accessories included python leather pumps and a Miu Miu scarf.

In a recent interview, Hadid opened up about her style. “I’m dead. I know what I like. I always have, since I was little. And I’ve never been so carried away,” He said.

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