Benchi FC, the proof that there’s space for everybody in a soccer field


for tons of Childrenplay football It is the most powerful dream they have, but it is also a way to make new friends in a field. There are cases where it is difficult to follow the team schedule, as is the case for Jewish community. But Benchi FC Comes as the best way to Schumer Saturday Children To practice this sport and also maintain their values ​​without breaking.

in Judaism Schumer Saturday He is the one who notices mitzvot (wills), It begins at dusk on Friday and ends after sunset on Saturday. As it is known, football is usually played on weekends (especially on Saturdays)Unfortunately Saturday watchers They cannot participate in this sport and follow their religion either.

The The Benchimol . family Try to find a way to combine these two concepts in the best possible way. Benchi FC was born in 2020 for Jewish children To play and follow their religion as well. Now, the academy has a large number of young players who enjoy this sport without compromising their values.

What is Benchi FC and how was it born?

Benchi FC is an academy based in Miami for Schumer Saturday boys and girls who want to play football. It is the first and only school for Jewish children who deserve to play the sports they love without compromising their Jewish values.

The Academy was born in November 2020. sholm benchimol He was the inspiration to create it. Unfortunately, a few months ago Died in a car accident while riding a bike. brothers, Daniel and Minetry to Keep his memory alive By setting up the football school, Scholem’s favorite sport and what he has practiced since a young age.

“Scholem’s dream was to become the first ever professional Jewish player who could also follow the rules of the Schumer Shabbat,” Daniel Benchimol said in an interview with Bolavip. “He tried to play with kippah And of course it was tough, so he used a clip inside of it so it wouldn’t fall out while running.

“After this situation, my brother and I joined in to see what we could do in Scholem’s memory. This is where the idea for the academy came about. One in Kids can play as well as follow Schumer Sabbath rules. Jewish colleges do not have a well organized sports program, they focus more on studies, and this is where Benchi FC is set up to help those kids who want to play football.”

Benchi FC stands for Sholem nickname.

How does Benchi FC Academy work?

As it was said before, the Benchimol family tried to join football Schumer Sabbath RulesSo, this means Don’t play on Saturdays. Of course it was hard for them to get into tournaments in Miami where they are mostly played these days, but they are doing their best to find a way to do so.

“We have the opportunity at the moment to decide if we don’t want to play on Saturdays,” Daniel Benchimol said. “Of course there is a lot of money involved in football to play on this day, But we’re trying to change that idea a little bit. We can’t guarantee anything, but maybe in the future clubs can respect Schumer’s Saturday rules and not play on those days.”

According to Daniel, they are not looking to build an empire through this academy. Benchi FC adapts to the needs For those trying to get their kids to play. “Of course it has a cost, but we talk to families and see what they can pay and Adapt to their budget. This was born as a way to Helping the Jewish community We will try to stay that way.” Daniel Benchimol said.

Benchi FC’s growth after two years, an example that dreams come true

“There was a lot of skepticism at first,” Daniel revealed. “We didn’t know if anyone would attend, but on the first day there were a lot of kids and we were surprised. They were so excited to play and to become a part of the team.”

Daniel says it hasn’t been an easy task, but he has seen the growth and is excited about what comes next. Nowadays, they even have a file sponsorAnd the MiyakochinaThis helps them pay for some of the expenses incurred by the academy such as payments to employees or the field they are using.

The The Benchimol family is looking forward to building a better place for children, but it would be impossible without sponsors. It is for the great reason that a lot of companies have taken an approach to see what they can do for them in order to keep this academy alive and get more kids to play and enjoy the sport they love.

Also, they were recognized by Inter Miami And the David BeckhamTeam Owner, thanks for the great work they are doing. When Scholem died, the first Manchester United player So send a message to Jose and Devorahis parents, where he gave him Condolences them and their families.

How to enroll a child in Benchi FC Academy?

You can register a child in Benchi FC click here. There are discounts for more registered children up to a total of four. Also, there is a one-time registration fee ($40). The field in which they train is SDG Football Complex. Address: 16601 NE 15th Ave, North Miami Beach, FL 33162.

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