Best Half Zip Pullover Sweaters of 2022



Confirmed: the jacket weather has fully arrived, and now autumn has officially begun. Even if you weren’t immediately excited by the prospect of layering in comfy fabric, we’re here to get you excited. Classic take like tried and true crew neck Or a turtleneck will always have a place in our closets, but you knit need to to learn rn? A half-zip pullover, and we’ve tracked down 20 of the best options that will completely change your wardrobe game.

What distinguishes the half-zip jacket? Well, for starters, they make a great (if not the best??) Nothing says “look, I’m a grouped adult” quite like a Down button A half zip jacket is listed. Now shake in some tight pantsthe favorite jeansor even a maxi skirtI have mastered this certainty je ne sais quoi Clothes.

Second, you can relax in them all day long and still somehow feel like you’re together. This is probably the collar-like look you get when you unzip, but it simply feels more presentable than, say, a harlotry. (However, if you’ve always opted for a sweatshirt over a sweater, we’ve got you covered, too, with a pair of cozy half-zips made from a cozy sweat-wicking material.)

Our top picks for the best half-zip jackets of 2022:

So, get into the fashion trend this fall ASAP by getting your hands on the best pullovers and half zip sweatshirts. I promise you’ll be spending tons (if not all) of your time in it throughout fall and winter, and even spring too!

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This pumpkin Hoyd one

Monroe knitted half-zip sweater in merino wool

This is creamy

Fair of Good Cotton Blend Half-Zip Zip Sweater

This is every day

J. Crew . Half Zip Relaxed Jacket

This is a stylish athlete

Farley Davidson Jersey Stretch Sweatshirt

This is an athlete

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Cotton Terry 1/2 Zip Sweatshirt

This beauty cropped

Joah . Half Zip Crop Top

That’s chunky

Miss Active Half Zipper Oversized Sweatshirt

This is one check souvenir

Daisy Street relaxed fit half zip sweatshirt

This business is casual one

Mango high neck zip up jacket

This is a scheme

English Factory Striped Zip Sweater

This is padded

Madewell half zip jacket

This one Tenniscore

Danzy cropped zip-up sweatshirt

This amazing girl

Alo Yoga Vixen Fleece 1/4 Zip

This is soothing sage

Everlane half zip track

This run is ready

Under Armor Tech 1/2 Zipper Long Sleeve

This one is polygon

Cute long sleeve rib rib from Evaless

This is multi-use

Universal Zoe Funnel Neck Half Zipper Pullover

This one is suitable

Good American Cropped Zip Up Mock Neck

This one has wide coverage


Scuba Wide Neck Half Zipper

That’s much warmer


Madewell half-zip boiled wool jacket

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