Biden’s ‘remarkably low-key campaign effort’ reflects ‘low approval rating’: New York Times report


The New York Times reported that President Joe Biden The decision to stay away from large political gatherings before the midterm elections “reflects his low approval rating.”

The Times political analysis said Wednesday that Biden’s low approval rating prevents him from making a big splash on the campaign trail this fall, as other more popular Democratic figures, such as former President Barack Obama, will headline big-ticket political events.

The article opened, saying, “Nothing compares to having a president at a big raucous campaign rally. Democrats in four cities… will have that opportunity this month, in the final days of voting that will decide who controls Congress, and conservatives “offices and state houses.”

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President Biden talks about inflation and supply chain issues in Los Angeles.
(Photo by Associated Press/ Damien Devarganis)

She added, “But it will not be President Biden. It will be former President Barack Obama.”

The outlet noted that “Mr. Biden has not held a campaign rally since before Labor Day, even with the future of his agenda and political life at stake in the midterm elections.” Its low approval rating was cited as the reason.

“His low campaign appearance reflects his low approval rating, and White House officials say the president made sure to make speeches about the party’s accomplishments, rather than participate in campaign-sponsored rallies,” the statement said.

As Election Day approaches and Democrats’ enthusiasm “wanes”, the paper said, “Biden’s strategy is clear: He will help Democrats raise money and will keep the country jumping to talk about infrastructure, negotiated drug prices, student debt relief, and investments in computer chip manufacturing.”

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But his decision not to participate, at least for now, in the rallies that are usually a staple of campaign season, highlights just how little the president can do to help fellow Democrats, even with a megaphone in the Oval Office.

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The Biden Foundation announces the “As You Are” campaign.

Earlier this week, Fox News Digital reported that a The New York Times / Siena College Poll Which showed that Biden’s approval rating has fallen to less than 40%. Additionally, the survey indicated that 64% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.

The New York Times report described Biden’s strategy as “a remarkably low campaign effort by a president facing what would be among the biggest reprimands of his political life.”

The article continued, “Republicans are ready to take back control of one or both houses of Congress, an outcome that would reshape politics in Washington and likely end any hope Democrats have for progress on abortion rights, gun control, police reform, voting rights or justice.” tax”.

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The Times noted that Biden is not “fully hiding in Washington.” She said, “Last week, he’s been to Colorado, California and Oregon. And he’s heading to Philadelphia on Thursday to support John Fetterman“However,” there will be no crowd of electorate packed into the stadium, nor a sea of ​​colorful election campaign banners, nor presidential warnings against voting! vote! vote!’ captured by television cameras.

US President Joe Biden speaks at a Democratic National Committee rally at Richard Montgomery High School, in Rockville, Maryland, US, August 25, 2022. REUTERS/Lea Millis

US President Joe Biden speaks at a Democratic National Committee rally at Richard Montgomery High School, in Rockville, Maryland, US, August 25, 2022. REUTERS/Lea Millis

Although the president’s advisers claim that this is a good strategy. They “reject the idea that he is too low and say they have devised a midterm election strategy that fits his brand as a politician trying to be above political fray,” the report said. Biden’s team claimed, “It’s better to brag about these accomplishments in formal settings, rather than in highly partisan spaces.”


Anders Hagstrom of Fox News contributed to this report.

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