Bill Belichick breaks another record and he is close to dethroning Don Shula



It looks like no one can stop Belichick even though any NFL team can win against the Patriots. This season may be Bale’s last, but so far he is breaking records.

HC Belichick from the Patriots
© Stacy Revere / Getty ImagesHC Belichick from the Patriots

Bill Belichick You may have difficulty without Tom Brady The New England Patriots could be flooded with losing record But this does not prevent Belichick and his personal records as a head coach.

Everyone already knows that Belichick is the biggest coach Super Bowl episodes It’s unlikely that another coach will break that record, but it’s also likely that he won’t win another Super Bowl, especially without Brady.

The New England Patriots They go through a slow and painful process without Tom Brady, but Belichick’s strategy remains the same, the only problem is that he still doesn’t have a good midfielder.

What is Bill Belichick’s record set in the 2022 NFL season?

Among the new records set by Bill Belichick in the current 2022 season in the NFL He is the one where he became the second most winning coach with a total of 325 victories, surpassing George Halas with 324 victories.

Don Shula has won 347 games as a head coach, and Bill Belichick needs only 23 wins to become the most winning coach in NFL history.. The odds of him achieving that goal are a bit low, but with two more seasons Blechik This record could be broken.

At the moment, the New England Patriots are using Mac Jones as their quarterback but the offensive game with him doesn’t look as intense as when Tom Brady was playing with the franchise.

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