Bill Belichick reveals QB rotation was planned, Patriots players say the opposite



Despite the idea that Mac Jones is a New England starter, Bill Belichick did an early QB course during week seven of MNF. He revealed that everything was planned, but the Patriots players said otherwise.

Bill Belichick (left), Mac Jones (right) - New England Patriots - NFL 2022
© Nick Cammett / Getty ImagesBill Belichick (left), Mac Jones (right) – New England Patriots – NFL 2022

Seventh week subordinate 2022 NFL season Ended up with a not very good game for New Britain. despite of Mac Jones the match started, Bill Belichick I decided to sit with him and give Billy Zappy sometimes. The coach said It was plannedbut now patriots The players said otherwise.

It is clear that Blechik make mistake Tom Brady A lot (and backwards). After the 45-year-old quarterback left Boston, patriots The coach tried to find Best alternative for the job, but the task seems to be more difficult than he thought.

despite of Belichick trusted Mac Jones To be the initiator, in the seventh week against the bears, he made a controversial decision. The The coach decided the 24-year-old would sit down after only six attempts. He revealed that everything was planned, but Players say they weren’t aware Depending on the situation.

Belichick planned an early QB tournament against the Bears, but his players think otherwise

Perhaps the most difficult decision for Bill Belichick He would have decided who he would be Tom Brady’s successor in New England. After two years of fighting with this situation, it looked as if Mac Jones He was the chosen one, but now it is uncertain whether he will continue at first.

before them Seventh week match against Chicago BearsHowever, Bill Belichick reportedly had some doubts about who would start against the NFC team. Finally, Mac Jones is chosen to start the game, but after only six attempts, Billy Zappy Taking Control of crime in a very surprising move.

Of course, everyone was shocked by this situation. “I spoke to the midfielders. I spoke to the team leaders,” Bill Belichick said, via Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston. “There was no lack of communication.”

But players say otherwise.

I will say it is a shock, But we don’t have time to focus on it much,” Wide Receiver No. 1 Jacoby Myers He said frankly. “The bullets are already flying by the time we realized it. You have to go in there and keep playing.”

But Myers wasn’t the only one surprised by the move. “No, we weren’t aware,” running back ramundre stevenson MassLive said.

This situation shocked the fans because it is a message of clear misunderstanding in the team. Who says the truth, Bill Belichick or the rest of the players?

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