Black man beaten, left bloodied after alleged stop sign violation in Tennessee


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has opened an investigation into the brutal arrest of a black man who was stalked to a home where a loved one was recorded being hit and shocked by a thunderbolt after alleged traffic violations.

The video begins when officers from the Oakland Police Department chase a man into a house. The video shows one of the officers waving a baton, while the other pulls a rifle.

A woman can be heard inside the house screaming: “Stop, stop, Brandon, Brandon, stop! Stop hitting him!”

The officers chased the man upstairs into a den and began to shock him with an electric taser.

“Why are you chasing him and hitting him?” ask the woman. He has no weapons.” A woman can also be heard saying, “I want to call my mother. I want to call his mother.”

After a third executive officer arrived, the three attempted to hold the man in a room. When he walked out of the room, his face was covered in blood.

Officers tried to stop Brandon Calloway, 25, after he drove his car through a stop sign, according to a police statement.

“Go fast,” said the affidavit Calloway, who was in a gray Chevrolet Camaro, driving 32mph in a 20mph zone. According to the document, when he did not stop, the officers activated the lights.

The officers followed Callaway to a house, where he stopped the car and ran inside. “This is my house…and I stopped at the sign,” the police said.

Police said officers kicked the front door and another door to a room that Calloway had locked himself. The affidavit said one officer used his Taser on Calloway and another hit him with a baton. Then they detained him.

He is accused of evading arrest, resistance, disorderly conduct, failure to stop at a stop sign, and speeding.

The Oakland Police Department did not respond to a request for comment Thursday. Police Chief Chris Earl told NBC affiliate WMC Memphis it has no comments.

The Iraqi Trade Office said it was investigating the incident at the request of the 25th Judicial District Attorney Mark Davidson.

Calloway’s attorney, Andre Wharton, told WMC that his client did not know the police intended to pull him off because the officers did not initially activate the sirens.

“Obviously Brandon was trying to figure out what’s going on here. Why are you guys following me? I’m not breaking any law,” Wharton said.

The lawyer said he was left wondering how “traffic turned into head injuries, hospital admissions and great pain and suffering.”

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