Bolivia dengue cases top 10,000, La Paz issues red alert


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Bolivian health officials It reported 642 additional cases of dengue fever on Friday, bringing the total outbreak in the country to 10,255. To put this early total into perspective, Bolivia has reported a total of 16,481 cases of dengue in all of 2022.

Aedes aegypti

Santa Cruz County has recorded 7,645 cases, most of them in the country.

Nationally, 29 dengue deaths have been reported.

in La Paz SIDS La Paz Health Services Department – Issuing an epidemic red alert to stop the spread of the disease due to the increase in positive cases of dengue fever recorded in the northern province of La Paz.

“The Caranavi Hospital is making more hospitalization units available due to the presence of dengue cases with warning signs,” stated Dr. Presley Riveros, Technical Director of Seers La Paz, “and we will intensify our epidemiological surveillance, strengthening our first, second and third levels of concern.” We are sending health personnel to work with the population, with the municipality and local authorities to eliminate Aedes mosquito breeding sites, as noted by the SILL authority.

In addition to Caranafe, other municipalities hit by the epidemic are San Buenaventura, Teoponte, Palos Blancos and La Assunta.

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