Bolivia dengue cases top 12,000, Hospitals overwhelmed


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Bolivian health authorities reported that the number of dengue cases in the country had risen to 12,375 as of Friday. The death toll has also risen to 39 so far.

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Santa Cruz province had the highest number of cases with 9,031, followed by Beni 1,308, Historical 1,190, La Paz 373, Pando 88, Chuquisaca 247, and Cochabamba 138.

Bolivia’s hospitals say ‘extremely overwhelmed’ Neilika MalavejChief of the Global Dengue Fever Program at the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative.

She says the size of the affected people makes them more difficult to treat, reducing the ability to closely monitor plasma leakage and restore required fluids, “resulting in patients with more complications and unfortunately higher mortality rates.”

Children have been affected the most by the current outbreak in Bolivia, and globally as well, due to weakened immune systems; A second dengue infection is five times more likely to kill a child than an adult.

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