Bolivia dengue cases top 2,000, MOH mobilizes thousands in Santa Cruz


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On Sunday, Bolivia’s Ministry of Health and Sports announced 353 additional cases of dengue fever, bringing the total number of dengue cases in the country to 2,221.

Santa Cruz province leads the number of infected people with a total of 1,641, followed by Beni 403, Tarija 78, La Paz 55, Pando 16, Chuquisaca 20 and Cochabamba 8.

The comprehensive strategy resulted in a “healthy defense shields against dengue and arbovirus disease” that sickened more than 5,000 people Sunday in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, out of 188,660 mosquito breeding sites and interfered with 5,386 apple trees, Health and Sports Minister Jason Oza said on Monday. Monday.

“Yesterday we eliminated 188,660 mosquito breeding sites, and through this action more than 179,000 people living in that area were protected, we are talking about 5,386 apple trees in the municipality of Santa Cruz, and my work could have been helped in 43,068 homes.”

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In joint work with the Ministry of Defense, the Municipality of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and leaders led by the Ministry of Health, more than 5,000 people have been mobilized with the goal of preventing an outbreak of dengue fever, eliminating mosquito breeding sites through application of larvicides and fumigation and eliminating tons of health and care waste.

“The national government is here to take care of the health of its people, the people of Santa Cruz, and our work yesterday gave important results, saying that in one day they were able to eliminate 188,660 mosquito breeding sites and protect more than 179,000 people is a very important work,” Oza acknowledged.

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