Bolivia reports dengue cases decreasing but too early to claim victory


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Bolivian Minister of Health and Sports, Jason Oza, confirmed Thursday that the number of dengue cases in the country is decreasing due to the various measures undertaken by the national government.


If we do an assessment of the outbreak, the number of cases and the number of deaths are decreasing. This is not the time to claim victory, we cannot say that we have controlled dengue fever, but the measures that we are taking as a national government, and the measures that should be implemented at the departmental level are working,” the authority said.

To date, Bolivia has accumulated 15,212 cases of dengue fever and the total number of deaths has reached 46. Santa Cruz department is the department with the highest number of people infected with the disease (10,899).

Giant microbes

Oza explained that while there has been a declining trend in recent weeks in the incidence of cases and deaths from the disease, he recommended that Santa Cruz residents not let their guard down when learning about the reduction of cases, on the contrary, he said and emphasized that it was time to continue with procedures to clean up breeding sites. mosquitoes.

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