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California cities and towns ranked by percentage of Irish population

Roseville, CA – It’s almost St. Patty’s Day! A day drenched in a sea of ​​green fairies and four leaf clovers. Maybe a helping of beef, cabbage and potatoes. Having an Irish rum or a shot of Irish whiskey to start the day is quite the norm for some.

For others, no St. Patrick’s Day is complete without listening to some U2, Van Morrison, The Cranberries, and The Dubliners, for starters.


in roseville, Boxing donkey They will have their biggest party this year. This wild, all-day party starts at 8:00 AM and is 21 and older only and includes a cover charge. A rowdy and wild affair that lasts all day. Word to the wise: share the journey.

Early entrants at Boxing Donkey

Here are the places in California with the highest percentages of Irish, at least according to ZipAtlas. We can’t say which one throws the best celebration, but we suspect a few know how to have a good time, in true Irish fashion.

California towns and cities with the most Irish population

City/town % Irish
Strawberry Valley, California 68.04%
Randsburg, California 40.42%
Clearlake Park, California 37.36%
Ravendale, California 34.52%
Fields Landing, California 32.32%
Neptune, California 32.01%
Rich, ca 30.71%
Goodyears Bar, California 30.30%
Downieville, California 29.86%
Cleo, California 29.29%
Tomales, California 27.54%
Navarro, California 26.62%
Lakeshore, California 25.80%
Laguna Mountain, California 25.60%
Mather, California 25.49%
Avery, California 25.35%
Shoshone, California 24.26%
Tecopa, California 24.04%
Echo Lake, California 23.80%
Wishon, California 23.72%
Castilla, California 22.47%
Colleyville, California 22.18%
Wellsville, California 21.96%
Green Valley Lake, California 21.85%
Little Creek, California 21.58%
Elmira, California 21.53%
Clements, California 21.48%
Twin Bridges, California 21.42%
Madeline, California 21.42%
Sima, ca 21.42%
Eagleville, California 21.36%
Pines Creek, California 21.29%
Castle, California 21.27%
Hathaway Pines, California 21.19%
Kirkwood, California 20.72%
Loma Mar, California 20.43%
Baskinta, California 20.21%
Landers, California 19.94%
Mi Walk Village, California 19.92%
Friant, California 19.25%
Bass Lake, California 19.21%
Vallecito, California 19.09%
Forest Knowles, California 18.94%
Old Station, ca 18.84%
Doyle, California 18.73%
Hurlong, California 18.49%
Callahan, California 18.34%
Caspar, California 18.32%
Weldon, California 18.28%
Summerland, California 18.27%
Bethel Island, California 18.15%
Guerneville, California 18.09%
Wofford Heights, California 17.98%
Douglas City, California 17.89%
Samoa, California 17.89%
Dutch Flat, California 17.68%
Tahoe City, California 17.61%
Redcrest, California 17.56%
Sheridan, California 17.50%
Busey, California 17.24%
Phillipsville, California 17.18%
Brownsville, California 17.01%
Leggett, California 16.99%
Lower Lake, California 16.96%
Platina, California 16.88%
Shasta, California 16.86%
Altaville, California 16.83%
Earp, California 16.67%
Willow Creek, California 16.66%
Valermo, California 16.56%
Bella Vista, California 16.52%
Xenia, ca 16.48%
Fulton, California 16.44%
Aubery, California 16.29%
Yosemite National Park, California 16.29%
Lagunitas, California 16.28%
Salton City, California 16.25%
Bodega, California 16.22%
Greenwood, California 16.14%
Jamestown, California 16.00%
Lucerne, California 15.97%
Redway, California 15.93%
Mariposa, California 15.92%
Camp Maker, California 15.92%
Mokelumne Hill, California 15.86%
Bridgeport, California 15.82%
Monte Rio, California 15.79%
La Grange, California 15.79%
Taylorsville, California 15.77%
Cottonwood, California 15.73%
Hayfork, California 15.71%
Lee Vining, California 15.69%
Big Bear Lake, California 15.66%
Hiambaum, California 15.63%
Mill Creek, California 15.62%
Ahwahne, California 15.62%
Port Costa, California 15.60%
Ute, California 15.58%
Alturas, California 15.54%
Litchfield, California 15.47%

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