Brazil: 11 Chagas disease cases reported in Belém, Linked to consuming açaí


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The Municipal Secretariat of Health (SISMA) has reported that at least nine cases of Chagas disease have been registered in the Pratinha district of Belém. It has been confirmed by the Evandro Chagas Institute (IEC) and the suspicion is that residents may have ingested contaminated acai.

“All patients reported that they had taken acai before the onset of the characteristic signs and symptoms of the disease,” he told the city council.

In the entire city of Belém, 11 cases of the disease had been reported as of mid-November. In addition to the confirmed cases, other cases are under investigation, according to the city council, which did not elaborate on their number.

“The Epidemiological Surveillance Section continues to notify and investigate other possible cases, while endemic disease control agents, from the Endemic Disease Control Section, collect blood samples for diagnosis in the area,” the Health Secretariat reports.

Belém is the municipality with the highest number of cases of acute illness in all of Brazil, according to UEPA – Para State University.

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