Brazil: Dengue, chikungunya and Zika in Minas Gerais during the 1st eight weeks of 2023


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As of February 27, health authorities in Minas Gerais have reported 50,101 probable cases (reported cases excluding neglected cases) of dengue. Of that total, 13,802 cases have been confirmed to have the disease.

There are four confirmed deaths from dengue fever in Minas Gerais and 21 deaths are under investigation.

With regard to Chikungunya fever, 18,371 probable cases of the disease have been recorded, of which 4,536 have been confirmed. To date, there is no confirmed death from chikungunya in Minas Gerais and one person is still under investigation.

As for the Zika virus, 72 possible cases have been recorded so far. There is a confirmed case of the disease and no deaths from Zika virus in Minas Gerais so far.


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