Brazil: Vertical transmission of HIV and syphilis elimination certification achieved in 43 cities


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The Brazilian Ministry of Health has awarded certificates or seals of good practice to 43 municipalities that reached the goal of eliminating transmission of HIV and/or syphilis as a public health problem on Wednesday.

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Among the approved cities, 28 were designated for HIV elimination, including 3 rehabilitators: São Paulo (SP), Curitiba (PR) and Oumuarana (PR). One municipality, Guarapuava (PR), is dual certified, for achieving elimination of both HIV and syphilis. Municipalities with good practices for the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and/or syphilis were also awarded gold, silver or bronze category seals.

“This certification is an important milestone for health. We need to go further to prevent babies from being born with HIV or congenital syphilis, and steps are being taken to reach this goal, thanks to the efforts of the federal government, states, municipalities and the social movement, which is communicating together Strong and reliable SUS construction. Quality “, emphasized the Minister of Sanitary Control, Arnaldo Medeiros.

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Certification criteria include impact indicators, such as the incidence of congenital syphilis, the proportion of HIV infection among children, and the rate of vertical transmission of HIV, and process indicators such as the proportion of pregnant women who have had at least four prenatal consultations, and the proportion of pregnant women with with at least one test for HIV and/or syphilis during antenatal care, the proportion of pregnant women using ART and the proportion of pregnant women receiving appropriate treatment for syphilis.

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