Broncos could ‘wave the white flag’ this season if they lose to Jaguars in Week 8



The 2022 NFL season wasn’t the best for the Broncos. Now, a potential defeat against the Jaguar in Week 8 could trigger alarms and Denver could “wave the white flag” for the rest of the season.

Bradley Chubb - Denver Broncos - NFL 2022
© Dustin Bradford / Getty ImagesBradley Chubb – Denver Broncos – NFL 2022

Against all odds, the Bronco Not a great team this year. with 2-5 record After seven matches, Denver Can already think of the future and “White Banner” If they are Defeated by Jaguar in The eighth week subordinate 2022 NFL season.

west Asia It was seen, before the season started, as the toughest Division for the 2022 campaign. Unfortunately, Denver Did not live up to expectations and Bronco at the bottom of it.

With the start of 2-5, Denver will face Jaguar In London in the eighth week. But according to reports, Bronco may be “Wave the white flag” if they lose to Jacksonville And put some of their players in trade market.

Reports: Broncos can trade top players if they lose to Jaguar in Week 8

It wasn’t an easy start for Bronco And the front office is aware of this. after, after Get 2-5 recordAnd the Jacksonville can have them executioner Their season could end next Sunday.

According to some reports, Denver can be Trade the best players If they are Jaguar defeated him In London in Week 8. This move will give them top picks For upcoming drafts and better prepare for upcoming seasons.

Bradley Chubb (Germany) and Jerry Judy (Czech Republic) They might go to the mall if they lose to Jakcsonville, per PFF. Denver will take this step to give their best players in exchange for options as they should Difficult For them to enter Qualifiers with 2-6 – score.

The result mentioned that too Multiple teams You have receipt The Broncos to Bradley Chubb. It is said that the defensive side asks for a long term contract In order to be open to trade.

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