Broncos GM gets real on Russell Wilson’s deal, Nathaniel Hackett job security



Things haven’t gone according to plan for the Denver Broncos yet. General Manager George Patton spoke candidly with coach Nathaniel Hackett and quarterback Russell Wilson on watch.

Broncos GM George Patton (left), QB Russell Wilson (centre) and HC Nathaniel Hackett.
© Justin Edmonds / Getty ImagesBroncos GM George Patton (left), QB Russell Wilson (centre) and HC Nathaniel Hackett.

to say Denver Broncosstart in 2022 NFL Regular It was a disappointing season low. When the team traded with Seahawks for Russell Wilson In the off-season, expectations are very high.

But after only seven weeks, many are wondering Whether we regret Hold that deal. The Broncos head into the eighth week on A 2-5 Record, after suffering a lot Attack problems Despite the arrival of the star quarterback.

However, Wilson Not the only one under serious scrutiny. Nathaniel Hackett He was heavily criticized since the first week of his first year as head coach, but the general manager George Patton He has expressed his support for both.

Bronco General Manager George Patton shows strong support for Nathaniel Hackett

“I believe in Nathaniel, I support Nathaniel 100%,” Patton said, via Jeff Legold from ESPN. “He’s been in these seven matches as head coach. The scrutiny he faced is unprecedented. You know, we have four primetime matches, so he had to learn with the whole world watching.

Button said he expects things to take some time, considering Hackett to be new to the job. He doesn’t seem to have doubts about it, although Patton made it clear He wants to see progress From now on, especially from crime.

“He kept the team together. He kept us building together. I appreciate how he fought through that. I knew it wouldn’t be a well-oiled machine. I thought it would take time, and it clearly has. But there is a lot we have to work on. no excuses. We need to play better. The attack is clearly not good enough to win matches. The defense kept us in it, but the attack has to play better.”

Patton addresses Russell Wilson’s $245 million extension

“We know what Ross can do, and our job is to get the best out of Ross and our entire offensive.” Button said Wilson signed the Broncos in a five-year, $245 million deal. “I know we’re going to get there. You’ve seen the flashes with Ross…you see arm strength, accuracy, mobility. We all have to play better, that’s for sure when attacking.

I’m not worried. We’re in this long-term game with Ross, not the first seven games. I believe in Rus. We just need to play better in attack. …we need an identity. We don’t really have an identity and I think that comes with time and hopefully soon.”

Wilson has only thrown five times along with three interceptions in his six games to start – he missed a seventh week loss to Planes because of infection. Fans expect him to do much better, and Button thinks Wilson He will deliver them.

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