Browns GM gets real on Deshaun Watson’s return



Browns general manager Andrew Berry has shared his honest thoughts on Deshaun Watson’s impending comeback and how it will affect the team’s offensive.

Deshaun Watson
© Nick Cammett / Getty ImagesDeshaun Watson

The Cleveland Browns It went through some ups and downs this season. This is something you would expect from a team with him Jacobi Brisset Behind the center, they are expected to be much better on me Deshaun Watson for the first time.

Whether or not Watson should be allowed to play is not up to us to decide. He is currently serving an 11-game suspension and will be eligible to return as soon as Week 13 when the Browns hit the road to face off Houston Texas.

Notably, the team has absolutely no intention of facilitating matters Deshaunas General Motors Andrew Berry cust has confirmed that he will be their starting player against his former team. So long, and thanks for everything, Brisette.

NFL News: Deshaun Watson will start vs. Texas

“It was great to be back in the building,” Perry said, on ESPN. “He’s focused on working on himself, he’s stayed in shape, he’s been part of the meetings. He’s done everything and more than was asked of him. We will be excited about his presence when he can continue to intensify his football activities and return to the training ground.”

Brown does not expect Watson to bear most of the load

However, Perry also claims that the team does not expect Watson to lead the way straight out of the gate. The team is built to dominate the ground with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt off the field:

“We spent a lot of time with Deshaun in the spring at camp and put together a lot of good actors during that time,” Berry added. Having said that, I don’t think our style doesn’t really mean any quarterback, but you know, definitely with the time Deshaun’s been out there expecting him to put up with it all. This isn’t necessarily how the team is designed or, you know together. I don’t know that would be a fair request for any player behind the quarterback. In a couple of weeks we will be in that world where we get him ready to play and we will deal with him appropriately.”

As long as Watson is the same player he was playing at Clemson and Houston, the Browns will be one of the teams to beat in the league. Now, will they be loved, considering all things, remains to be seen.

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